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This would be a good time to note that, despite the love affair the media’s got with Giannis and how exciting the Bucks are and everything…

…few are actually going out and watching them. The Bucks are 25th in attendance. 25th in home attendance, 25th in road attendance, filling only 82.9% of the Bradley Center.

Herb Kohl’s fight-for-the-8-seed mentality utterly destroyed regular-season enthusiasm in Milwaukee. Bucks fans, no matter what’s going on on the court, are essentially hibernating until and unless the Bucks win a playoff series. When they make Round 2, Milwaukee wakes up and shows up. But they’re not about to go watch a team that’s just going to squeak in for the purposes of getting marched right back out by LeBron in Round 1. Nothing Giannis does, no highlight reel he rattles off for the rest of the league’s consumption, will change that.

Go to the playoffs and knock somebody out. That’s what Milwaukee wants. (Hell, Milwaukee would have been mostly indifferent to the Bucks packing off for Seattle. But here we are.)

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