3 Quick Steps To Conduct a Skills Self-Assessment & Why You Should Do One Regularly

  • The Music Industry plays by different rules.
  • My job involved a “niche” skillset that was specific to being at live events.
  • I had major imposter syndrome already, so a new role would only be worse!
  • I had no formal “technical” skills.

So I sat down with a blank piece of paper and did a skills assessment.

Step 1: Reflect on your accomplishments

  • Does your past experience involve high volume and fast pace?
  • Alternatively, did it require focus & deep thinking?

Step 2: Use metrics

  • Did you plan events for your team where you handled logistics?
  • Were you ever in charge of a budget for your office or team?

Step 3: Look at the tools you use in your daily life

  • Are you a master at to-do lists?
  • Do you have great prioritization and calendaring skills?



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Aaron Ameen

Aaron Ameen

✍🏼 I write about strategies for diversifying your life & income as a hybrid professional | 8 rental properties & counting 🏠 | Dad x1 👶 | Ship30 Admiral🚢