Aaron Ardaiz — Helping All Things Metal Succeed

Aaron Ardaiz started working for All Things Metal in November of 2015. Since then, he has demonstrated the skills and education he gained as a student at Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon and as a metal worker and pipe welder for National Welding Corporation, which sent him to many locations throughout the country to help complete projects of all kinds. Ardaiz helps support the local business community with his excellent work fabricating many kinds of metal products for both private citizens of the Phoenix area and the business community as well.

All Things Metal provides iron fabrication services, iron installation services, and a wide array of metal materials for commercial projects. Aaron Ardaiz is one of many skilled metal workers who have been helping the community protect and beautify their private homes and their businesses for years. Although Aaron Ardaiz is new to the All Things Metal family as a worker, he has already helped many customers with his excellent customer service skills and his ability to work together with his co-workers to create solutions for all clients on all jobs, big and small. All Things Metal is equipped to create columns, stairs, gates, and railings to custom specifications. From small jobs to large operations, All Things Metal can help.

Aaron Ardaiz has helped his community by participating in the excellent work that goes on at All Things Metal every day. He has contributed much to the business and plans on continuing to work for the company for the foreseeable future.

Aaron Ardaiz — Working for All Things Metal in Phoenix

Aaron Ardaiz is a professional welder working for All Things Metal in Phoenix. Ardaiz lives in nearby Peoria and has many years of experience working with many different metal projects as a welder. He graduated from Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon before working with the National Welding Corporation on projects throughout the United States. He then moved to Peoria to work for All Things Metal in Phoenix.

All Things Metal is a local supplier of metal products for custom luxury residential jobs, commercial structural jobs, and more. Aaron Ardaiz is one of the many skilled welders and metal workers the company employs in the area. Aaron Ardaiz and the rest of the staff make beautiful balconies and rails, iron entry doors, courtyard gates, and fencing for all sorts of private property and commercial areas. All Things Metal also produces structural framing fabrication for columns and beams, stairs, joists, steel trusses, and more. All Things Metal is owned and operated by local businessman and welding expert Greg MacLiver, who has been in the welding and metal business for over 30 years. In addition to working with individual property owners, All Things Metal works closely with several significant business clients in the area including Killian Western, Statesman, and more.

Aaron Ardaiz is proud to work with All Things Metal after starting his career with the National Welding Corporation. His work is now well-known in the Phoenix area for its quality and durability. Ardaiz works well with customers and his fellow employees and has earned recognition from his superiors at the company.

Aaron Ardaiz — How to Become a Professional Welder

Aaron Ardaiz became a professional welder after attending Linn Benton Community College in his hometown of Albany, Oregon. With a degree in Machine Tool Technology, a multitude of employment options became open to him. He got a job with the National Welding Corporation, working on many different pipe welding projects throughout the United States. As he became more experienced, he started getting job offers from companies looking for professional and skilled welders throughout the country. He ended up in Peoria, Arizona working for All Things Metal in the community there.

Throughout the United States, there are many different ways that you can become a professional welder like Aaron Ardaiz. Depending on the level of training, experience, and specialization that you possess, you can earn between $30,000 and $50,000 a year. Most would-be welders, like Aaron Ardaiz, attend welding school to pick up the skills and experience they need to land a job in the industry. There are many welding schools throughout the United States, as well as many community colleges like Linn Benton that offer degrees in Machine Tool Technology. While certification requirements for welders vary from state to state, earning a certification in a certain kind of welding can help you find a job and earn more. Many welding schools offer certification programs in addition to their welding courses.

Aaron Ardaiz got his start with the National Welding Corporation, a job he relished because he got to travel the country doing what he loved for a living. He loves his current position as a welder for All Things Metal in Peoria.

Aaron Ardaiz — Family-Friendly Watersports

Just like many other people, Aaron Ardaiz loves being on a boat and enjoying all the watersports associated with them. But not all people are particularly skilled at water skiing, wake boarding and more. And strapping on all that equipment with little experience can prove to be hazardous at times. Luckily for those who do not care to learn these sports, there are still many ways you can have fun while being pulled behind a boat, such as the options below.

Tubing is a popular activity that you will see groups of people doing on the water. It is a family-friendly activity because you can put multiple people on a tube and see who stays on the longest. By inflating an inner tube and connecting it to a tow rope, the most skill involved with tubing is simply holding on as the person driving the boat speeds up and makes turns to throw you off.

A friendlier option to wakeboard and water skiing, knee boarding allows riders to stand up on their knees and take on the wake like other water sports aficionados would. While it may seem much safer than those sports, kneeboarding can produce some painful spills every now and then.

Aaron Ardaiz enjoys being out on the water and doing all kinds of activities while out there.

Aaron Ardaiz — Let’s Talk About the Cardinals

With all the buzz and excitement of what is happening in the NFL playoffs, Aaron Ardaiz gets solace in knowing that his Arizona Cardinals have secured their Division Title and get to rest easy the first week of the playoffs. Below are some of the star players on this year’s roster who have been leading this powerful squad to their strong stance.

Carson Palmer

With over a decade of NFL experience, Carson Palmer is having the hands-down best season of his career. He has already surpassed his greatest year in passing yards, but he has also matched his touchdowns of his greatest year, still with a few more games to go.

Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald is another player that is bound to break some of his own records. He already has more receptions this year than ever, yet his overall yardage may not surpass some of his earlier years. Nonetheless, Arizona’s star wide receiver is fired up and ready for a Super Bowl run.

David Johnson

The rookie running back has had an explosive first year, with over 500 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns. He will be an asset in the playoffs to keep the Cardinals’ running game strong.

Aaron Ardaiz can’t wait to see how the Arizona Cardinals do in the divisional round.

Aaron Ardaiz — Baseball Glove Motions for a Better Catch

Aaron Ardaiz is a former baseball player and coach who has spent countless hours helping others improve their game. One of the things he has had players focus on is the particular movements you can make with a glove in order to catch or stop the ball. Below are some explanations of the ways you can use the glove and supporting hand to make better catches.

The Ground Ball Scooper

When a batter hits a ground ball, not only do you have to stop the ball but you also have to pick it up and calibrate yourself quickly enough to throw the ball at whichever baseman should stop the runner. In order to make such calculated judgments quickly, you should apply the glove scooping technique so that you can act faster. By folding your glove in a narrow, u-shaped fashion and pressing the bottom against the ground, the ball should roll cleanly into your glove.

The Pop Fly Catcher

When someone hits a pop fly into the air, it is usually an easy opportunity for an out. But sometimes, the ball can bounce off the glove and fall to the ground, often making the defender look bad. By putting your supporting hand under the glove and closing in with both hands as you make the catch, you add an extra layer of protection to keep you from such errors.

Aaron Ardaiz has helped many players improve their catching skills.

Aaron Ardaiz — Food to Bring on a Hike

Aaron Ardaiz is a hiking enthusiast who loves to get outside and explore the great outdoors in an easy and accessible fashion. The best thing about hiking is that there is very little gear involved with the hobby. All you need is proper clothing and some shoes with good soles. When it comes to planning a longer hike, then necessities such as food and water grow in concern. When it comes to what food to bring on a hike, there are many excellent choices, some of which are shared below.


Granola comes in bars or can just simply be loose in a bag. Either way, it is light to carry and very good for maintaining energy levels.

Bananas are known for helping store hydration in the muscles, which can help prevent cramps. This makes them one of the best fruits you can bring on a hike because they will literally help keep your muscles healthy while making the trip.


Almonds have high amounts of protein in them, which makes them a great addition to a homemade trail mix.

Aaron Ardaiz knows how to properly budget his food for a hike; and when it comes to bare minimums, these foods should be high on the priority list.

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