“Oh, we just need to do away with intellectual property rights of all kinds, in order to bring…
Mojo Bone

Monopoly protection (“intellectual property rights”) have historically been a way for capital owners to reduce risk such that capital investment is appealing where it wouldn’t be normally. It was never motivated to benefit labor (eg musicians …artists…etc), and claims that “society at large” would benefit are frankly a ruse to feed the bitter pill to the masses that rich people need more ‘gubmint assistance.

Cue “The Day the Music Died”.

Indeed, some economic analysis show removing IP would *improve* certain aspects of the creative economy. Getting from here to there is… well… scary and uncertain. And that’s the rub isn’t it?

Technology has forever broken the artificial scarcity side of the supply/demand equation. Even ignoring the myriad of other entertainment options people have today you can’t unring that bell. And we’ve now got billions of creatives worldwide churning out interesting content. Whether that’s stupid cat videos or legit artists posting youtube videos.

I imagine some people will find ways to make this work. Be very very good. Find an unmet niche. One thing is certain — artists need to become entrepreneurs, partner with people who are, or resign to creating their craft out of love and keeping the day job.

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