The Horror

The bed was stiff below me and unfamiliar. Where was I was my first thought. As I lay there, too tired to jump up to ascertain where I was, I could only assume I was upstairs. I was in a bed, and as I looked around, I was in a room that certainly looked familiar to one I had been in earlier. Yep, I was in the house above the dungeon below.

My thoughts jumped back to the Dungeon I was obviously dragged from. Inside it, I had fought things I had honestly only ever considered stories made to scare young boys. But, what I saw down there was enough to frighten me to the core. Shades that had taken the form of some long lost person but since forgotten clawed at me until they took my life and nearly my essence. How or why such things existed in this world was beyond my understanding.

Valen had managed to drag me out of the dungeons into the house above where I managed to rest and recuperate. I have had close calls with my life before but they were different. They were physical wounds that needed to heal. This was as though they were taking my strength, my life. Shuddering at the thought of it, I turn over in my stiff bed to face a bare wall.

This wasn’t what I was expecting when we set out this morning. The fog was strange sure, unusual. I’d seen enough fog in my time to know very well that it was different and oppressive. Escaping it appeared all but impossible. But from that very morning things were different. The tree’s were old, gnarled as if they were twisted and somehow more bitter than they were before and certainly less welcoming. Looking to my team none of us could offer up any solutions. Not even Sylven whom I’d hope would have some insight. Presented with no other options than to continue, we moved on.

From some distance back we could see a set of gates and a large solid wall. It was imposing to say the least and I immediately knew that something was up. This was the threshold to something or someone. The gate was obviously built to signify a specific area or perhaps one day past to keep people out. We were on a well worn track, or so I thought. The wall didn’t seem to fit with that and as I looked back on the cart the fog crept closer, thicker as if going forward was the only way. As if to confirm my suspicions of concern the gates opened and closed as we moved forward. As the gates closed behind us it was clear we weren’t to be returning. Even if, although I’d never say it, most of my being wanted to.

Herded and disturbed by the half eaten human body along the path we found our way to a town. But even that was strange and uninviting. Everything was closed up with no commotion on the street or signs to welcome our arrival. In fact, I’m not even sure what the name of the town is. Our attention fortunately, at the time, was diverted to a pair of children waiting on the side of the street. They were dressed in what I would consider clothes not from this time, but not altogether reason enough to suspect anything. Plenty of people liked to dress that way still. As the group approached the pair who could have been no more than 10 and 6 respectively, indicated that they had not seen their parents in some time and that their house was haunted by a monster.

It might seem as though I was willing to fix whatever problems these children had, and under any other circumstances, I would have. But I didn’t like the situation. There was literally no one around and these children were seemingly guiding us, albeit for their own help, towards a house that had very mysteriously opened up through the fog for us to see. It was another long line of things that I felt I had no choice about that day. Certain that we could help we set about entering the house.

The house, containing many rooms quickly became a place to revile. Valen with his greater curiosity fond a secret door that lead to what can only be described as a vile necromancy shrine. My master had talken about them as things to be destroyed but I had never anticipated to find one. Although, perhaps in hindsight it made perfect sense.

Focused now on getting out of here, I led the group as fast as we could to clear the rooms. With no desire to tally and search for tainted trinkets we made our way to the attic. Here we found the ghost of what I can only assume was the nanny. A strange experience and one I care not to relive. The anger and terror that was wielded by the ghost was almost to much to ignore. Putting her down we discovered a dead baby in the crib. Even as I write this, it’s hard to put that vision out of my head. The baby was left to die in the crib without a proper burial. A complete disgrace.

Moving on we discovered the rooms belonging to the children we had met. This is where things got really confusing. The room belonged to the children, and in the children's room were the skeletal remains of them. Easily confirmed by the same clothes they were wearing. The idea that we had been ushered in here by ghosts just confused me entirely. I had no idea what their agenda was or what they even needed. I have heard that ghosts hang around until things are completed or revenge is had, so perhaps they needed this creature, monster to be killed to find peace. Armed with this knowledge, I spurred our party again.

A set of stairs brought us to the real horror of this house. Below the house we found a carved out dungeon into the earth. Inside it were burial chambers, for what I can assume were intended for the original occupants of the house. But what upset me the most was the feeling of evil down here. It was strong, it was oppressive and it was present. I had never felt anything like it before. My Mentor Geralton has cautioned me about such evil before but never had I encountered it. That was soon to change.

Beings that were once alive now filled with death and the desire to bring it about on us faced us at every turn. I can only describe me groups courage as inspirational. As we went on their desire to rid this place of it’s presence never faltered. As I slayed more and more of these beasts my resolved strengthened. There was no place in the world for these creatures and clearing this house would be the first step to fixing that.

But, we over estimated ourselves. We took on a room full of shadows, the vile creatures they were and they drained the life from me. Rescued thankfully by Valen I have rested. Better armed now than I was before, I venture again with my comrades into the darkness so that these children can be at peace. I hope that once we clear this place their spirits can rest. I hope it’s as simple as that.

Amuntor’s Blessings