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If we are as we claim, living in a never ending pursuit of happiness over time, then these special needs kids are way more advanced then the rest of us fools. My mother was a learning disabilities teacher so I had enough exposure as a child to experience the brilliance of these kids.

Humanity rather seems to be playing out the rat addiction experiment on ourselves. That old one where they put a rat in a cage with cocaine, heroin, or water and it chooses drugs until it dies. Well my response wasn’t wow that stuff is so addictive, but why would you do that to a rat. I don’t know how else to describe this version of the modern world. At least the rat didn’t have to pay $3,500 for their accommodation, but captivity seems to resemble the level of human interactions people seem to be adapting to these days. Beyond that we mostly seem to be sitting in isolation where we are temporarily sequestered in a box of a room starring blankly at a screen. Tragically these screens give us the option like the rat had, to easy access of food and drugs that can be conveniently delivered to our apartment without us having to shower or dress.

Remember back when scientists used to get on people for anthropomorphizing animal relationships or interactions? Have you noticed how they don’t do that much any more? It would be hard to make such claims when everyone can see that many animals have much more dynamic and meaningful relationships than us humans. #humans #rats #fools #LIFE (Liars Idiots Fools and Exaggerators)