We are not a charity. Period.

One of the first questions we are asked is whether or not Global Garments is a non-profit/charity. We actually are not. We are an incorporated LLC (Limited Liability Company).

Why an LLC and not a non-profit?

Josh and I felt an ethical and philosophical obligation to be a for-profit company. Many organizations seek to sell goods through a non-profit status. We were uncomfortable with that model.

We sell our partners’ products. We pay our partners. We pay taxes.

Furthermore, our partners are not charity cases. They are strong, dignified, self-reliant individuals who live these attributes out through garment-making. With that said, Global Garments and our partners are in business, not in fundraising.

Josh and I (and you for that matter) are not fundraisers. We are people who believe in a product produced by amazing people and demonstrate belief and commitment by purchasing their products. When you purchase a product, you help continue telling the story of dignity and self-reliance.