Guidelines for Buying or Renting Premises

Buying or renting premises can be a stress-filled task. For those who do not understand specifics of market conditions, city-wise real estate rates, etc, choosing premises can financially risky. Those wishing to invest in premises could follow broad pointers such as locality, purpose and space to guide them in their decision-making process. One organization that could deliver advice on real estate is Colliers.

There are a number of potential troubles involved in buying or renting premises. Owners could be left managing plumbing issues, lack of civic amenities nearby, high mortgage rates, etc. With the dips and raises in the market, this process can be both tedious and risky. Individuals and organizations alike can encounter these various hurdles in the process of shifting or relocating premises. This is particularly worrying as real estate prices in Sweden have sky-rocketed by about 14% as compared to a 3.8% rise in other European Union countries (The Local, “SWEDISH HOUSE PRICES ROCKET FASTER THAN ANYWHERE IN EU”, 2016).

Considering this, those looking to buy or rent premises can lay out a broad set of guidelines according to their major needs and specific requirements. Once these are met, looking for further benefits, added customizations, etc, can follow. Given below are a few guidelines that could be kept in mind when choosing premises:


Organizations or businesses that seek to rent or buy lediga kontor Stockholm could keep in mind the specific requirements of their company as well as the purpose for which the premises will be used. For small private offices, companies could look for posh spaces. However, if the premise is to be used for accommodating many employees, selecting a place with access to civic amenities would be beneficial.


Keeping in mind the surrounding locality is also vital. Organizations could choose a locality according to whether they wish for more privacy or more access to other public offices, spaces, malls, etc. Considering the cost of real estate, changing premises once the purchase is made could result in major loss and trouble for owners (Andrew Beattie, Investopedia, “TOP 10 FEATURES OF A PROFITABLE RENTAL PROPERTY”, 2008).


For those looking for premises for shops or stores, optimum utilization of space would be more important than owning bigger spaces. Those looking for ledig butikslokal Stockholm would have to keep in mind any planned future expansions. Also, there could also be the option of choosing premises with in-built storage options which would be useful for shop owners.

Aside from these broad factors that matter when choosing premises, individuals and organizations could also think about other expenditures such as civic bills, conveyance fares, etc. Professional real estate consultants could be hired to provide advice and information on what would best suit a company’s or a person’s specific needs. Such professionals understand both the needs of the potential house owner as well as market conditions, city-specific information, protocols and procedures. Hence, they can provide valuable advice that could make buying or renting premises less difficult. One organization that provides advice and consultation on lediga lokaler Stockholm is Colliers. More information could be found on their website.