About Aaron Chadbourne — Gorham, Maine Based Consultant

Aaron Chadbourne is a business adviser specializing in leadership development, career coaching, resolving complex problems, economic development, business advancement, strategic communications, education reform, and real estate. Before Aaron Chadbourne stepped into his current role, he worked as Senior Policy Advisor to Paul R. LePage, the Governor of Maine, from 2015–2018. Aaron also served as an engagement manager with McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm in Washington, D.C., and obtained a JD-MBA from Harvard in 2011. Additionally, Chadbourne is admitted to the Bar in both Maine and Massachusetts.

Growing up in Gorham, Maine, Aaron was quick to discover the value of hard work and commitment. He served as the first-ever student delegate to the Town of Gorham School Committee from 2000 to 2002. He recognizes the opportunity of working at his Greek grandmother’s vegetable stand as the moment he developed basic business principles such as pricing, inventory management, and customer service. “As soon as I could talk, I was put to work in my grandmother’s business — selling vegetables at a roadside picnic table piled high with corn.” Aaron Chadbourne would not only implement these early lessons in the family business but towards his education. After he graduated from Gorham High School, Aaron studied at the prestigious Harvard University. His childhood exposure to business and dedication prepared Chadbourne for a long tenure at Harvard.

Throughout his undergraduate education at Harvard, Aaron became increasingly involved in studies that combined both law and business. His interest inspired him to apply for both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. After graduating with an AB from Harvard College in 2006, where he was a classmate of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, Aaron Chadbourne went on to complete the joint degree program at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School to earn a JD-MBA in 2011. In addition to his education, Chadbourne has worked for or held significant internships at the following companies and organizations: Let’s Go: Greece!(Cambridge, MA / Greece), Demetria’s Team — The Real Estate Group (Gorham, ME), The Corporate Executive Board (Washington, D.C.), The Housing Partnership Network (Boston, MA), W. R. Berkley Corporation — parent company of Acadia Insurance in Portland, ME (Greenwich, CT), Bain & Company (Atlanta, GA), Tom Cotton for U.S. Senate (Arkansas), Unum (Portland, ME), and McKinsey & Company (Washington, D.C.).

Aaron Chadbourne also highlights the importance of international study, understanding the need to be open-minded and versatile to cultures that are different than one’s own. This exchange inherently affects economics and politics.

Throughout his time working for Maine Governor Paul R. LePage’s administration, Aaron advised the governor and executed policy on some of the state’s most difficult concerns ranging from tax reform and economic development to education funding. The LePage administration is responsible for the greatest tax cut in Maine’s history. This memorable tax cut has provided low-income workers to take home more money from their hard-earned paychecks. Along with this project, the LePage administration has fought hard to fix Maine’s pension system, reduce regulations on businesses, reform welfare programs, and improve government transparency.

In his position as a senior policy advisor, Chadbourne advised Governor LePage and the executive branch of the State of Maine administration on matters including but not limited to, education, defense, taxation, veteran affairs, emergency management, and government processes — leveraging several best practices from Aaron Chadbourne’s work in the private sector. Aaron works jointly with legislators and constituents to promote the interests of Maine citizens and promote effective, efficient and accountable state government.

According to the Bangor Daily News article on the day Aaron stepped down, “At times during his three-year tenure, Chadbourne, a Gorham native, and Harvard Law School graduate, seemed ubiquitous at the State House as LePage’s representative in committee deliberations and when it came to lobbying votes. Chadbourne said Thursday that working for LePage was the “opportunity of a lifetime,” that he always planned to leave at the end of the legislative session and that he is contemplating a run for public office — possibly in his hometown — and that he will be working for a family real estate business and consulting on education reform issues.”

Furthermore, Aaron Chadbourne is active with the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation where he was a founding member, a member of the American Enterprise Institute’s Leadership Network, and previous chair of the Alumni Advisory Board. More recently in 2018, he was elected by the Chair of the Maine Republican Party to serve on the Platform Committee for the 2018 Convention. Aaron was also forbidden from visiting the 2018 Maine Democrat Party Convention for reasons that have not yet to be explained.

Aaron Chadbourne is passionate about economic development in rural Maine, human capital strategy, and bringing out the best in others.