Malfoy in College Chapter 2

Wow. Three years in college had gone by so quick. He gave a kiss to his blonde mum and dad on the cheek. He exhaled really quickly and looked at his certificate. Wow. Just wow. It was all over. His mind was racing,

“What am I meant to think about when I graduate? What am I meant to feel?” he thought. He wouldn’t dare say this out loud because Mr and Mrs. Malfoy would surely dismiss him as a dreamer. Anyways, a thought kept emerging in his head, it was a memory that began vague but became clearer and clearer. Woah.

March 15th 2013, 1st Year/3rd Week.

Draco was just sitting around at this party with his dorm buddy Slarvon from Croatia. Slarvon was one of the best Wiz Gliders in the world but he recently tore his ACL when he was going too fast and spun out of control. He was pretty mopey the whole time but Draco actually managed to cheer him up, downing butter beers and stuff. Draco was pretty amazed, 3 weeks into Uni and he was already buddies with a WORLD. FAMOUS. WiZGLIDER.

Slarvon actually quite liked Draco even though Draco would pull weird stunts sometimes that pushed the limits of their friendship a little. One time Draco rocked up in a rare 2007 ‘Slayin with Slarvon’ tee on, it was super weird for both of them. But mostly, it was just hanging out and stuff and they both got along. Secretly Slarvon was pretty stoked to know Draco, I mean he thought that Harry Potter kid was a bit of a brat and personally wasn’t sure why he got so much coverage. Draco was famous in circles for standing up to that guy.

The party was dying down, Draco knew it and Slarvon knew it. Draco opened the conversation, he giggled “You wanna quid-ditch this party?”

Slarvon replied “Yeah ok.”

Draco said “Do you get it though?”

Slarvon had already left and there was this table next to him and on it was the characters Quirvine, the witch he had a crush on, Doruke the wizard licking a brute toad and Mikey just a cool exchange student from Zalipto College in the US. They all saw him bomb. Secretly Slarvon heard too but just didn’t know how to react.

It was quite clearly his most bittersweet memory of college and he just stood there remembering it at his graduation, a tear in his eyes as he got a photo with mum and dad.

School’s out.

Authors note: Though it does seem like this could be the end of the series it’s really not. I just play around with time a little bit.

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