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These days, tailoring according to individual needs and preferences has become paramount to digital marketing. In recent years, the staple approach has become the use of dynamic content — that is, content that changes based on user signals like past interactions, browsing history, and location.

Dynamic content has been found to increase conversions by providing more intuitive and relevant experiences. By providing , and reducing unnecessary and redundant information, users encounter less friction and are presented with the logical next steps in their discovery process. …


As continues to become increasingly accessible to more companies, it has allowed brands to better understand consumers and personalize interactions with them because of it. The rise of virtual influencers, on the other hand, provides businesses with an intriguing alternative to traditional influencer marketing.

Could the marriage of AI-powered technologies make virtual influencers and influencer chatbots actually ?

This article discussed virtual influencers, its potential benefits, and how important it can be for your branding strategies.

What are Virtual Influencers?

Virtual Influencers function much like human . The main difference is that virtual influencers like…


Consistency is crucial in content marketing. To be consistent, you have to put out that compels and engages your audience regularly. One of the ways you can ensure this is through creating and maintaining an editorial content calendar. It is a visual representation of every piece of content scheduled for a specific period.

The editorial calendar derives its concept from the published list of issue themes and dates commonly used for advertising campaigns of print publications. This usually contains a brief general description of what’s in each issue. …

Aaron Chichioco

Aaron Chichioco is the chief content officer (CCO) and one of the web designers of Design Doxa.

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