Somebody you know is Voting for Trump and You Need to Stop It.

How is this election even within 5 to 7 points? It’s because you know people who are planning to vote for Trump and they are not telling you or you are not engaging them.

Let’s do some quick math. The Census Bureau estimates there are 320mm Americans. Roughly a quarter are under 18. So now we are talking about 240mm people. 63% of them are white (150mm). That’s 75mm white men. Assume 40% of them have a college education that leaves us with 45mm people who make up the overwhelming majority of Trump’s base, but they don’t all vote and they are not all Republican. Remember Trump only received 14mm votes in the Republican primary.

Approximately 130mm people vote in American elections. Even if Trump somehow captured 22mm of these white men he should be getting killed. At 40% 52mm people would vote for him. You know who these people are: Your grandparents, neighbors, teammates, classmates, and maybe even your friends. Some voters want lower taxes. Some people loathe the Clintons, but who are these 55mm people? You need to engage them and make damn sure they know what could happen when this isn’t the best country to live in anymore.

I have friends who tell me “Trump doesn’t mean what he says.” or “We need a businessman in the White House.” I’m working on them. Relentlessly.

Literally any presidential candidate in our lifetimes Republican or Democrat would be more qualified and a better leader than Donald Trump. Hilary Clinton is far from perfect, but it doesn’t matter.This is no contest.

Trump is a liar — Tax returns, Ted Cruz’s Dad and this list of 101 created in April!

Trump is a racist — Mexican rapists, Judge Curiel, Orlando tweet, Dwayne Wade tweet, discriminating as a landlord, taco bowl, ideological tests for immigrants.

Trump is a misogynist — Meghan Kelly, Howard Stern breast discussions, Heidi Cruz and his debate coach is Roger Ailes who just got fired for what may become the worst case of sexual harassment in corporate history.

His campaign team is Gestap0(not a word to use lightly) scary. Corey Lewandowksi was Trump’s first campaign manager. Now a CNN entertainer, he has questioned whether Obama was born in the United States as recently as this month. He assaulted a reporter several months ago and proceeded over a primary season’s worth of often violent rallies. The replacement Paul Manafort made his living, at least in part, working for corrupt Russian politicians supported or propped up by Putin. Campaign CEO Ed Bannion has had at least one incidence of domestic violence and a long history of leading an alt right publication that is misogynistic, nativist and racist. Bannion’s former wife claims her ex-husband didn’t want to his kids to go to school with Jews.

Last week’s hot take was that Trump knows he’s going to lose but is starting a media company. Fine, but he’s still getting 40% of the vote.

What bothers me most about this campaign is that the 60 percent of us supporting somebody else are ok with Trump getting 40% of vote. This election is not about Hilary. It’s about rejecting Trump. 40% is way too high. For me this sends the message that almost half the people in this country are fine with a racist, isolationist, liar leading our country and military. This guy is totally crazy and some 40% of us are ok with that. Some of these Trump supporters have to be convinced to switch and we need to make that number much lower. It’s one vote at a time.

I’ve heard a lot of my progressive liberal friends say they don’t know anybody voting for trump. But that’s bullshit. There is always somebody. I have 2 business school classmates, a golf instructor, and three cousins-in-law who admitted their support to me. They are being engaged.

You know these people and you need to remind them that America actually is a pluralistic society where people of all races, religions, nationalities, and sexual orientation are allowed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Here are some stats:

  • 70 percent of the eligible voting public is white. Nearly every Trump vote comes from this group.
  • 40 percent of Americans have college degrees. If you went to college and had a republican friend it’s time to check in and make sure they are voting for Clinton or Johnson.
  • 58 mm single women are eligible to vote this year. They could vote for a misogynist or the first woman president.
  • People of color are 30 percent of the eligible voting public. Will they vote for the wall builder who see African-Americans as poverty stricken losers or for Hilary Clinton?
  • Millenials are 26 percent of eligible voters. They have grown up with social media, a black president, Modern Family, and witnessed their own civil rights movement as Gay marriage was legalized by the Supreme Court.

I get that people hate Hilary Clinton and the Clintons. I also understand that Trump is a much more popular candidate with white working class people and especially men. But that cannot be 40% of people who vote. If 130mm people vote is it really possible that he can cobble together a coalition of 52mm votes?

He can’t if we engage in these final 70 days. One vote at a time. Make phone calls, canvass, and make a difference.