Trump Day 6 — The Stonewalling Impresses.

The difference between listening to Trump and reading the NYT is increasingly massive. For Trump, a Mexican judge is treating him unfairly in a court of law because he’s biased. For the Times and other mainstream media, Trump University is symptomatic of an extraordinarily amoral Presidential candidate.

People get their news from many different sources and our paper of record is probably not read by the 15mm who have voted for Trump.

Trump is incredibly good at making people believe selling apartments is similar to managing the national debt and that his business context really translates exceptionally well to leadership. The real problem we are facing in the United States is that the Trump movement represents a belief held by many Americans including some that will vote against Trump that the political system is totally broken. It’s very comforting to somebody who has been left out of 30 to 50 years of economic progress to hear a presidential candidate advocate policies that would charge Japan/Sadia Arabia et al for protecting their countries. It’s comforting to hear that we can renegotiate our debt to China. It’s comforting to hear that a wall will bring more jobs to this country. But in the end. fewer than 40% of voting Americans actually believe this. It’s a vocal minority and it’s disturbing, but Trump will get absolutely crushed in November and we need to stay on top of it.

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