Mr. Yannie Rumbaoa — The Coin Engraver, Mr. Mark Rivera — Casting Director — Mrs. Maribeth Nicdao — Food Tech. This week, we had the chance to meet these 3 fine looking people. These people loved what they do, and struggled to get to where they are now. They have their own uniqueness such as how they express they’re own feelings, and how they do their work. Mr. Yannie designs and engraves coins. Mrs. Maribeth designs and makes recipes of food, and Mr. Mark thinks of who or what particular actor is suitable for a certain role. All three(3) of them made a lot of sacrifices to be able to achieve milestones in life and to get them where they are now.

Mr. Yannie has been the first Filipino engraver of Philippine coins. We may not know this yet but everyday we hold his sacrifices and hard work. He may have faced trials but look at how successful he is now. Mrs. Maribeth designed food from dunkin’ donuts. Without her, I would have no childhood. I couldn’t imagine my life as a child without my mother bringing home my favorite treat everyday. And look how dunkin’ donuts has grown today. And without people like Mr. Mark, Filipino movies wouldn’t be this good. Filipino’s are very proud of how our movies are because of people like Mr. Mark. Though they’re work is hard, they see the fruits of their labor in beauty and art.

With all the qualities these people have, I somewhat do not know how or what qualities I want to have to be a professional in my career. But let me say that the only quality I’d like to initiate is the desire and love of my passion. I want to be someone who inspires other people through my works and motivates them to be the same. To want and love what they do.