The Health Passport — A Green Light for Tyranny?

V-Health screenshots showing infection status
Screenshots from Shanghai’s official Health QR Code app
Reporting from The World is One News Channel
Chinese Social Credit Score Interface
  • paying off debts
  • paying bills on time
  • reporting other people’s behaviour
  • giving blood
  • donating to charity
  • visiting parents
  • Bad driving
  • Jaywalking
  • Smoking on trains
  • Buying too many video games, junk food, and alcohol
  • Calling a friend who has a low credit score
  • Having a friend online who has a low credit score
  • Posting “fake news” online
  • Visiting unauthorised websites
  • Walking your dog without a leash
  • Letting your dog bark too much
  • concealing travel history in areas affected by the virus
  • contact with patients or suspected patients
  • evading isolation or medical observation
Public surveillance in China
VCode® — the Technology of Infinite possibilities
The US version marketed as COVI-PASS™
  • The company developing the app is VST Enterprises Ltd. of Manchester, developers of VCode and V-Platform, the technology powering the V-Health Passport. The Health Passport is built on top of these platforms.
  • VCode is like a next generation QR code, which ensures ‘Military Grade’ encryption and can be scanned metres away and while in motion ‘to ensure social distancing’.
  • The size of the code can be readable as small as 100 microns. A human hair is between 30 and 300 microns diameter. In other words, this code can be read at the size of an injectable microchip.



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Aaron Davidson

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