Did He Really Say That?

The small mid-west town high school had just won the state football championship and to celebrate the win many went to Uncle Bob’s Bar-B-Queue. Uncle Bob’s Bar-B-Queue was a nice small family owned business that had been in the town for 50 plus years. It was a great place to meet up old friends and make new ones.

The place was full of happy people enjoying the fact that their high school team had won, after many years of failing short of victory. As the night went on the crowd had got down to only a few families still finishing their diner. When in ran four black men carrying rifles. Before anyone could move one of the men shot the young bus boy cleaning tables to get everyone to understand they were here to take control.

As the four men walked from table to table demanding their money and phones, a young girl talking on a cell phone walked into the dinner. Upon seeing her one of the men shot at her hitting her hand holding the phone. The men and call the police about what was happening couldn’t see a cook in the backroom.

The four men noticed that the police were driving up and shot at the people standing behind the counter of the dinner killing the 85 year-old owners and ran out the back door. As the four men ran out the backdoor, the police were waiting for him. One police officer shouted “Stops Niggers” as he tried to get them to drop their rifles. One of the men shot at the police officers and killed one before the other officers could kill him.

The other three men dropped their rifles and the police took them to jail. The people inside the dinner were shocked to have lived through what had just happened. Medical people got there as the police finished putting the three men in the police cars. A young black couple that didn’t know what had just happen drove up to have some diner.

They didn’t know the full story, and only saw a black man dead on the ground and a police telling another officer looks like we got those ”Niggers”. The young couple thinking the police had killed the black man for no reason, texted to their friends that a white police office had killed a black man at Uncle Bob’s Bar-B-Queue.

Before, the police officers could finish their work of talking to people in the dinner about what had happen and group of about one hundred black people rushed into the parking lot and pushing around people that tried to stop them. The police were out numbered and the group of blacks grew to over two hundred and stated turning over the cars in the parking lot and setting the police cars on fire.

The people in the dinner didn’t know what to do, they couldn’t exit, and their cars had been set on fire. A person in the dinner called the police station on what was happening and more officers came to help break up the crowd of black people that had gathered.

A reporter for CNN had heard about the crowd and came to report on it. Once arriving at the dinner the young black couple that texted everyone told the report how a white office had killed a black man for no reason. The news was put on the national news and everyone saw photos of a dead man on the ground and the young black couple telling their story of how this white cop had killed him.

No one cared to talk to any one from the dinner, and civil right groups demanded that the police office be put in jail. The report talked to a young person from the dinner that says all he heard was “Stop Nigger” and the gunshot.

The report fail to ask what had happen at the dinner and about the owner of the dinner being killed or the young girl getting shot. All the reported was a white police office killed a black man. As the days went on, the civil right group had got the public to sent the police office to jail and gave the other three black men their freedom, because the police office had made the statement “Stop Nigger” before the shooting. And, by now, no knew about the fact the black man had killed the other police officer before getting killed.

All the public cared about was the fact the white police officer had said “Stop Nigger”, that the entire world cared about. The three other black men those were set free by the civil rights group when on robbing businesses.

So, remember, it not what you do in life that people care about, it what you say!