The wrong relationship

Lowell and Judy had meet in high school and fall in love from the moment they met. They lived in a small community far away from any large city and they were in love the county living.

Judy had learned the art of cooking from her grand-mother that had pasted away before Judy graduated from high school. She dreamed of one day owning a high-class restaurant in a large city. Every few months she would go to local book stores and purchase any new cooking book in her budget.

Lowell was a down home guy that enjoy fishing and hunting and being with his true love Judy. One Summer evening Lowell asked Judy to marry him so they could have a life together. They got married around Christmas of that year, so that many of their family members could attend. Both families were hard working people, but, didn’t have extra money to have large family get together. So, a Christmas party and wedding would work out great for everyone.

As the years pasted, the dream of Judy’s owning a high-class restaurant was looking like it would never happen. But, Judy and Lowell loved each other and each day when Judy returned home from her Bank teller job and Lowell lumber mill job, they would have a small meal together and a nice moon light walk in the park near their home. Their love was strong for each other, but, without a lot of extra money they couldn’t travel and see the world.

Judy’s older sister who lived in Chicago with her husband had fallen and broke her left leg and left arm while walking down the stairs outside of their apartment building. She wouldn’t be able to take care of herself for about six-weeks. And, her husband couldn’t take time off from his job for that long.

So, Judy’s sister asked if she could come for six-weeks and take care of her and they would pay for the trip and lost wages. Judy had never been to Chicago and it would be nice to see it for free. Lowell wasn’t happy seeing that Judy was his whole world and he felt empty without her.

Judy went to Chicago and started helping her sister get back on her feet. Her sister only lived a short walk to a corner grocery store, so Judy would just walk there each day to pick up the few items her sister needed. Judy sister husband was a hard to live with person and Judy didn’t get along with him at times. He was a person that like things his way and didn’t like the fact Judy was in his home.

Each day when Judy would walk to the Grocery store a fellow that was outside of the store selling newspapers and would tell her how pretty she looked that day. She would smile and thank him and go into the store. One day before making it to the store she fall hitting her head and hurting her leg and the man selling papers asked if he could helped her up. She thanked him and asked his name, he said, Owen. She couldn’t walk after the fall so, Owen picked her up and sat her down on a bench near the stores doorway.

Owen told her she really needed to lay down for a few minutes before doing her shopping. Judy wasn’t thinking clear, but said where could I lay down and rest? Owen replied that he only lived a few blocks away that he would get his car and take there to rest. With the fall and pain she had taken she couldn’t think clear and she agreed to go. Once in Owen’s car he pull out some pills and he said these will help her rest.

At Owen’s place, he saw she couldn’t walk due to amount of pills he gave her and pick her up and carried her into his apartment. Judy noticed something was pressuring against her body as he carried her. It was long and hard and she didn’t remember seeing any pipes when he pick her up.

In Owen’s apartment he gave her more pills to help with the pain. As Judy laid on the bed they talked about life and she talk about her love for Lowell and their live. The more she talked about Lowell and his love for her, the more Owen would reply if he loved you he would be here with you. And Owen would tell her that if a man really loved her he wouldn’t let her go off to another city alone.

The minutes turned into a hour and Owen started rubbing her leg that was hurting from the fall earlier. She liked the rubbing on her hurt leg and while rubbing them Own would repeat, do you think Lowell really loves you, is Lowell here rubbing your hurt leg. The pills Owen gave her kept her from thinking clear. No, she replied he doesn’t love me, I am hurting and he’s not her to take the pain away, but you are, Owen!

Judy still not thinking clear from the large amount of pills Owen had giving her, asked what was the long hard rod she felt while he carried her into his apartment. Owen smiled and said my love for you! You love me? Yes, and I am here taking care of you as a person who loves you would. Once again the pills kept Judy from thinking clear, your right she said, Lowell doesn’t love me, you do, you taking care of me.

Stay with me and I’ll show you my love for you everyday, while Lowell doesn’t care that your hurt. And, then, he showed Judy what she had felt. The pills had put her in another world of thinking. Judy looked at what Owen had to show her and asked Owen, you do love me? Owen reply I’ll show you as he put what she felt up to Judy’s face for her to see closer. The more she looked what Owen was showing her, the more he would say, I am showing you my love for you.

Lowell was getting worried, as he not heard from Judy in a few days. He called Judy sister and asked and was told, Judy had called them a few days ago saying she meet a nice friend and was staying with the friend right now.

Lowell couldn’t like the fact Judy didn’t call him, and found a friend to stay with. So, he got on the next train to Chicago. He went to Judy’s sister apartment to see if they knew where Judy could be, and who was this friend. Judy’s sister told him the friend might be someone at the grocery store she walked to each day. So, Lowell went to the store to see if anyone knew where Judy could be and who was her friend.

At the store a clerk told Lowell, he knew the guy and he saw him put Lowell’s wife in his car a few days ago. He said he had not seen the guy since that day, but knew where he lived. The clerk asked his boss for time off to help Lowell find Judy.

The clerk had been to the fellow apartment a few times to pick up drugs the man sold. What drugs Lowell asked, the clerk said he’s a drug dealer that sells newspaper as his cover. And, a very smooth talker, he picks up lonely women all the time. At Owen’s apartment he could hear Judy’s voice, he knocked on the door and Owen, a tall black man with only his underwear on answered. Before Lowell could say anything, Owen said it’s $100 to enter and get serviced isn’t that what you come for. Lowell jumped back from the doorway, and said $100? $100 for her service? Owen stepped aside and pointed to a nude white women with her back to the door sitting facing two nude young black man, facing her? Lowell, said Judy? She turned to face him with a very sad look on her face and replied, he wouldn’t let me leave, he said I had to do this service to pay him back the $3,000 for all the pills he gave me.

Lowell didn’t know what to do, Owen push Lowell away seeing he wasn’t a paying customer from the door and closed it. Lowell didn’t know what to think, he was no longer thinking clear from what he saw, as he walked out into the busy street he didn’t not seeing the city bus coming.

Lowell died in the street before help could arrive. Judy couldn’t pay off the $3,000 bill because she now was living with Owen and he had giving her more pills each day to make her work longer hours.

Her life with Lowell was gone! Her dream of owning a high-class restaurant was gone!

She was trapped and wanted to die!