QuickBooks Desktop Display Issues (Fixed in 4 Simple Steps)

Aaron Droan
Nov 30, 2019 · 2 min read

QuickBooks is the imperative book-keeping and accounting software for all kinds of business purposes. But numerous times, QuickBooks users may get some doubts while inciting the QuickBooks software due to some technical compulsions. These errors may disturb the installation process. This post discusses the most suitable solutions for QuickBooks Display issues.

What are QuickBooks Display issues?

One of the errors that you can face many times is QuickBooks Display issues which are a common fault experienced by QuickBooks users.

This problem mostly arises in QuickBooks Desktop when you are overusing the merchandise. In this post, we are going to discuss the symptoms and methods to resolve QuickBooks Desktop issues which are shown below -

Major Symptoms of QuickBooks Display issue

There are so many reasons for the QuickBooks Display issues which are given below -

  1. Business Form does not fit the screen
  2. The sizing icons located at the top right of the window does not appear.
  3. Field Overwriting and label removal
  4. Buttons not detected
  5. Distorted Screen arrives when you maximize and minimize.

Troubleshooting Procedure for QuickBooks Display issues

You need to check the following solution for this error:


  1. First, reboot Windows 10 or Windows 8 systems
  2. Open start menu and Touch on the Power option (windows 10) or Power Option (windows 8).
  3. Now, Select Restart and Now reboot Windows 7, Vista, or XP computer
  4. Then, press ‘Start’ option on the taskbar For Windows 7 or Vista
  5. Tick on the ‘small arrow’ that is right to the ‘Shut down’ option
  6. At last, Tick ‘Shutdown’ or Turn off the computer

Method 2 -

  1. First, agree the ‘Start’ option and Go to Control Panel
  2. Now, Select Personalization
  3. While you are at the ‘Basic & High Contrast themes,’ tick ‘Windows 7 basic ’
  4. Restart Computer and open QuickBooks and see if the issue is corrected.

Method 3 -

  1. First, Right Tick QuickBooks Desktop icon
  2. Now, select Open file location
  3. Right agree on ‘bat files’ and Choose ‘Run as an ’
  4. Assure to run ‘bat file’ with windows Admin rights.
  5. A black window with a scrolling name will seem, and it will close once the ‘bat file’ utility has completed. Remember not to close the window manually.
  6. At last, Verify if the problem is solved, else restart the computer.

After following and using the above steps, The QuickBooks users will be able to detect and resolve the QuickBooks Display issues. We hope that this article will surely provide the best solutions for discontinuing this error.

Follow these above steps properly to activate the software without any complications. For further queries, Dial our QuickBooks Support Number .i.e. +1–800–880–6389 and get connected to our expert’s team.

Reference Link: https://24x7quickbookssupportnumber.blogspot.com/2019/11/quickbooks-desktop-display-issues-fixed.html

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