What are the Ways to Remove Error Code 6130, 0?

Aaron Droan
Jan 13 · 4 min read

Are your getting error code 6130, 0 on your QuickBooks desktop? If yes, then don’t worry this is a common error and can be resolve with the help of few tips and helpful steps. With this technical blog post one can make sure that, we also make it aware to any of our readers about the most common QB error code which actually gets displayed by the name of — QuickBooks Error Code 6130, 0.

What causes QuickBooks Error Code 6130, 0

Below are the causes of QuickBooks error code 6123, 0

  • If one checks out the reason which is the Error in terms of the inputs along with the QuickBooks Error Code 6130 which gets appeared on the screen.
  • Corrupting of the QuickBooks with downloading of the software creates issues and it leads to failure of the accounting systems.
  • The QuickBooks accounting software installation may also become incomplete as the error may further create the issues in downloading of the software.
  • One can delete all the QuickBooks files and all the programs to restart the system and further it creates QUICKBOOKS in the best of the ways without any errors.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6130, 0?

To Checking out with the list of all the troubleshooting steps which is given below:

Method 1: Repairing of the Windows Registries

  • There is just a need to Hit on the “Start”
  • Get into the search box, and immediately type the “command” after which there is no need topress the Enter yet..!!!
  • Holding of the “Ctrl+Shift”along with the keyboard & pressing the word “Enter”.
  • Any One who is operating the software can immediately prompt with permission and it appears in the dialog box.
  • Once it is done there is just a need to choose the Yes.
  • A black box appears with a dialog box which blinks.
  • Then one needs to Type the “regedit”and just choose the Enter
  • In the File menu, you just need to select the Export
  • Once all is done there is a need to “Go to the Save In”list & then just select a particular folder where all you can do is to save the QuickBooks desktop key.
  • After that the need is to “Go to the File Namebox &again type the name of the backup file.
  • Now, the Export Rangebox needs to be opened up & make sure that the “selected branch” is chosen.
  • Now there is a need to Hit on the “Save” button
  • If all gets almost complete in terms of “The file it gets will automatically save in the .regfile and the extension format.
  • Finally, a person in you will get the backup of QuickBooks related entries.

Method 2: Use the Disk Cleanup and Cleaning Out the System Junk

Our computer system accumulates the junk files whiles the web surfing along with the regular computer use. With all the overtime use and also creating a cluster of junk files which either makes the system slow & gets sluggish in the response. It may also cause the error 6130, 0..!! It also gets essential to use the Disk Cleanup along with removing all such junks which also improves the performance of the computer.

Procedure along with running the “Disk Cleanup tool”

  • The first step which needs to perform and the need to click on “Hit the Start button”

Also, there is a need to get “In the search box, and then type the “command”….and at the time With Do Not hit Enter”.

  • Also, Holding the Ctrl+Shifton the keyboard.
  • Then , there is a need to Click the Enterbutton
  • Once it gets prompt with a permission dialog box.
  • There is a need to Hit the Yes button
  • Also, In the search bar, type the “clean mgr”and then choose the Key
  • There is a need to “Disk Cleanup” which will be evaluating the space and it gets occupied by the temporary file & allows you to remove it.
  • Also, selecting all the boxes of the categories you want to clean & then just click OK.

Method 3: Need to Uninstall & Reinstall the QB Programs once it gets related with QB Error Code 6130, 0

Just in case, get into the QuickBooks with the error code 6130, 0 associated along with the specific QB program and is just helping to reinstall the QuickBooks software.

Also getting the need to reinstall, there is a need to be following of the steps given below:

  • Get the “Start” button and opening with the Programs and Features.
  • Choosing the ControlPanel helping on the menu’s right side.
  • There is a need to Click on the Programs
  • Then the need is to Hit on the Programs and Features
  • Just try to locate the QB Error 6130, 0 associated Program.
  • There is a need to click on the QB associated entry.
  • Finally, there is also a need to choose the Uninstallbutton on the top menu.

Method 4: Getting run through the Windows System along with File Checker (“sfc/scannow”)

Get the “System File Checker” which is one of the efficient & easy tools and not only allows the QB user to scan & restore the corruptions within the Windows System Files:

The solution which gets mentioned and in this technical blog it gets actually related to the QuickBooks Error 6130, 0 helps in more than enough ways to fix the issue..!!

You can get into contact which also gets into the technical help for the QuickBooks software. We are also world’s leading QuickBooks technical support provider with a strong along with efficient QuickBooks which is the certified technicians.

Along with getting along with the instant and simplified solution, which you can dial our toll-free helpline number .i.e. 1800–880–6389. Also, the Help is provided with 24/7 through our QuickBooks experts.

Reference Link: https://quickbooksfixerrorcodes.blogspot.com/2020/01/what-are-ways-to-remove-error-code-6130.html

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