or simply “I Google mo muna, Tanga!”

Pardon my language but I intentionally used this harsh expression to emphasize the fact that in this contemporary world, we humans are overwhelmingly dependent not only to the internet, but specifically to Google. As of the moment, we can take this striking statement as constant reminder that it is a must to search and use Google first before asking a question, whether the query is mindless or difficult. In this modern realm, it is now necessary to educate one’s self before asking questions because there is practically no alibi left for us. Google can nearly answer any question and it is readily accessible to almost everyone in this planet. Using Google also requires lesser time, effort, and resources than doing manual research because the information we need can be easily obtained with just clicks and gathering information can be done in almost every part of the globe or within the comforts of our home. All we need is the internet connection and we are ready to go. In line with this, we can definitely say that Google alone can satisfy one’s curiosity.

On the other hand, it is safe to assume that the said search engine had become an essential part of our daily life as we tend to rely to it so much. The popular website paved its way to our society as we discover and unveil new ways to use it as an aid in our day-to-day lives. Today, Google is so vital and significant to the extent that some people can’t manage a day without using it. There might be variations in terms of usage but we instinctively utilize it almost every day. We reflexively rely to Google to answer our simplest and weirdest questions. We have a habit to ask Google to help us in the process of making decisions whether if it is simple or complex. For example, we fundamentally use Google to find a list of new or forgotten recipes before hitting the kitchen. Sometimes, we intuitively seek guidance from Google to help us get through the basic decision making process just like selecting what dish will be served for dinner. We also use Google in making complex and life changing decisions in our lives. One of countless examples would selecting what are the schools should we consider for our college education. We can use the site to research and gather relevant information like the location of the school, amenities inside the campus, the history of the school, the notable professors teaching in the university and many other factors which can serve as pros and cons to help us weigh things and decide whether to apply or not.

Moreover, Google’s forefathers Sergey Brin and Larry Page certainly assisted mankind with their innovation. Yes, it was somehow ambitious and impossible at first as they aim to organize every piece of information available in the World Wide Web but they definitely did not let these negative thoughts hinder them in developing and creating a concrete and powerful search engine that would make the world a better place to live in. We can say that Brin and Page are very determined in pursuing their unified dream because they risked everything they had for this idea. At first, they don’t have enough money to continue the start-up company but they managed to attract significant investors with the use of their vision which is fueled by their creativity. They were able to shake the world with their ground-breaking technology. They were also able to intimidate industry leaders like Microsoft and Apple. They had difficulties at first like external threats and market penetration but they did not let these hurdles affect their resolve. Now, Google is a world renowned company with a unique approach in terms of dealing with their employees. Contributors have the ideal working environment and freedom to practically do whatever they want within the Google headquarters but in exchange, they must deliver quality and competent results. They also opened the company in the stock market to attract more investors. Currently, Google is a global leader in the field of science and technology and the company continues to grow with the help of acquisitions like Youtube and Android.

As an individual and as a part of humanity, I really can’t imagine life without Google.