Look back, always. Seriously.

It is our compass for life.

I am not anything like a writer. I do not write because most of the times I do not think I have anything meaningful enough to write down. Well, except from my code. I am a programmer.

It is funny because after reading what I have just written I realise that truth be told, I am in fact writing (code) all day long and day after day. And that thing just happened is what all this text is about. Looking back and learning from the past.

What I want to tell you came to my mind lastly when I stumbled upon an old piece of code I wrote shortly after arriving to my current job. I read it and it was terrible.

At first I felt embarrassed about it, but suddenly that feeling vanished. Shame faded in favour of a new feeling, pride. I felt proud because I was now able to see mistakes I could not see before. It was some kind of an evidence of my improvement. Time went by and it was for good ☺

And it shocked me, because I have heard so many times people giving advices like: “Look ahead, never look back”. Is the past a bad thing ?

For me it is not. The past are memories to me, and memories are important. They are in the very end all we have. There may be a bunch of good memories, and others not so good, but all of them are useful.

Memories are our one and only map for life. They tell us where we currently are and which path we have followed. Choosing where are we heading is all on our side. But hey, just look at the map more often. Don’t be afraid, it won’t bite you, I promise.

And that is mostly what I wanted to say (for now). Thanks for your time.

Apprentice of everything, time obsessed, programming lover and […] a little geek. Senior Software Engineer at Tuenti.

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