Daniel “Desus Nice” Baker and Joel “The Kid Mero” Martinez have been in the public eye for nearly seven years. Beginning with their groundbreaking podcast, Desus vs. Mero, which premiered in 2013 — and lasted just one year — the comedy duo have since become an offbeat staple in the world of late night talk shows, with Desus & Mero. From Complex to MTV2 to Viceland and now Showtime, their partnership (and friendship) has only grown stronger. As has their brand.

In 2018, the duo publicly split from Viceland after claiming an unworkable environment left them scrambling to provide 160…

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The farmer in the Dell, he went straight to hell
He didn’t pass Go or collect that hundred dollar bill
His hair was sickly wet and matted to his face
A lifeless pet remained affixed upon the window sill

His overalls were spotted red from the summer stain
Decayed soil and grass piled up near the barn
The skinny cows leaned against the tired oak trees
A permanent haze in the air felt thick, like yarn

Bourbon breath exhaled from the sky like rain
Pouring dryly upon the shallow horse graves
Little Mary was left in her room upstairs sleeping
Obsessively dreaming one…

I’ve been a dad now for over half a year, and there’s no going back to the man I was before welcoming my daughter into the world. That’s a given. But aside from the many life-altering details that come with being a parent, there’s one way being a dad has changed me that I never expected: I can’t watch horror movies like I used to.

For over three decades, I’ve been a horror fan. I first discovered my passion for storytelling, as well as the power that words and visuals can have over an audience, through horror. I was introduced…

Since day one, Hawkeye’s modus operandi has been to protect his family at any cost, which was an issue held much closer to the vest than that of the rest of the Avengers crew. Sure, maintaining order in the world — and, for Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), the universe — is what makes the Avengers a force to be reckoned with. But as soon as someone like Barton or Lang or Stark suffer the pangs of fatherly love and loss, a whole new set of heartstrings are suddenly exposed for the plucking.

At the same moment in time that found…


Hear that rickety music box melody?
See the ice cream truck just down the street?
With windows impenetrable from the rocks and the dust
Its muted menu — just as weathered and beat

Each wheel is a different shape and odd size
The white coat, brown and yellow in places
There’s a disturbing noise, like a buzzing of bees
That follows along with the smiling young faces

The kids call out and run beside clean lawns
To the Ice Cream Man just up the way
There’s a leak of oil that seems almost copper red
Through the sprinklers, they laugh and play…

The sky is afire with noise and technicolor signs
Sweat beads on the faces of carnival workers
The show is busy and long are the lines
Diamonds gleam like the eyes of shadow lurkers

Calliope dances in children's playground minds
Hobo clowns on stilts hop along, drunk and singing
The air smells of sugar, beer and stale pork rinds
Kids swat at the air, the mosquitos are stinging

Bearded ladies convene behind the old red curtain
One Armed Jack smokes a cigarillo beside the orange shack
Tophat Tim checks his watch for an hour, uncertain
A tattoo of a no-faced Jesus stretches long…

An exhausted plea from the dad bunker.

I’ve been a father for six months now. Six months of bottle-feeding struggles, sleepless nights, poopy diapers and a heaping helping of baby giggles that make it all worthwhile. While this life-changing event has definitely impacted me for the better, it’s changed my social life for the worst.

If your reply is: What social life? That’d be an accurate reaction.

Between parenting duties, work, maintaining my marriage, reminding myself to eat multiple times a day, making sure I don’t put my underwear on backward again and, of course, trying to catch up on…

Who are these people, again?

I’m not a hardcore fan of “Game of Thrones.”

I have received every type of reaction from people when I share that little tidbit about my own aesthetic preferences when it comes to my TV viewing. I’m not one to rush to theorize about every detail and angle explored on HBO’s epic dragon and titties show (Yes, I know it’s more than that.)

Now, with the show’s final season upon us, I am once again faced with the internal struggle of trying to keep up with social media, and all my friends, about this pop…

Relationships sure do suck.

I want to preface this by saying I’ve been married now for almost five years and have been with my wife for almost 10. That said, there’s something odd about being in my early 40s. I love my wife and my baby daughter but the mid-life crisis — she is real.

I’ve found myself thinking a lot about my past recently. Thinking about the choices I regret making, but also being thankful for those idiotic choices because, if not for them, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

It’s weird.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my ex-girlfriend…

I was wrong, y’all were right — this parenting thing is damn exhausting.

When people tell me to cherish these moments now with my daughter, that it all goes by so fast, I can understand where they are coming from. But at the same time, in my world, right now, my brain is operating on some Matthew McConaughey from True Detective Season 1 type of shit.

Time is a flat circle when you’re only sleeping two hours a night.

There have been many times in my life when I have hit an unbearable level of exhaustion. Heck, I have…

Aaron Pruner

Actor. Writer. Dad. Jew. Bylines: Washington Post, Rotten Tomatoes, Playboy, SYFY, etc. I was a nerd on TV before nerds on TV were cool. http://aaronpruner.com

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