The post-truth fallout for B2B marketing

I’ll be interested to see where you go in the second installment, but something we’ve been working through with our clients is the imbalance between Marketing and Sales. Increasingly the KPI used for many B2B data metrics is behavioral lead information — and what we’re finding is that those behavioral metrics have very little qualifying power in the sales channel.

A prospect showing a “curiosity” for a product isn’t necessarily in or even near the sales channel. Bombarding them with “ready to buy” content or being thrown into sales follow-up mechanisms by over zealous marketers is creating havoc on taxed sales teams and over-stimulation for the prospect.

My sense is that “leads” as a KPI has run its course. Its masked the true purpose of marketing — creating value, by confusing it with loading the sales channel.

I think we need to rethink how we look at the relationship of Marketing and Sales teams. We may need to relearn some of the lessons of the past and realize that trusted media channels, industry activities, and collaborative marketing activities bring cover for our brands.

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