Life as a father, companies owner, and gamer.

First thing in your mind- are you fucking crazy?

I grew up with my grandparents who have taught me how to love and persisted the positive thoughts, they can overcome many situations we have faced in our life. I ate noodles everyday for 15 years (not sure if I did first 3 years of my life, but wouldn't encourage anyone to), rode the bus for hours just to get to special school with deaf program, and having second or third hand passed down toys. I looked back and realized I have made it through without losing any teeth, organs, or bones so it means something.

I think from having this kind of childhood experience has made me as strong as I can be at this point of life for being a father of 3 children who have stolen my heart on daily basis without struggles. I looked at my children and seeing them having five times better than what I had for having presents on their birthday and Christmas, meals on the plate, toys, books, movies, and technology devices to use. I just immediately know that I am doing something as much as my grandparents for loving and supporting.

I founded two new companies. I started one with a couple of my friends who I met for the first time in person out of USA, in Turkey, but fortunately, we all live in states. They have been the inspiration and motivation for me, we keep coming up with new ideas for this company to make the impact on the deaf community we care for. This changed my life since I always have been embarrassed by the idea of being gamer, but not anymore. I want to be who I am and be proud of it regardless. I shared many wonderful memories I have had playing games with my friends which doesn’t stop us from laughing or smile remembering the time we had spent together. I regret for not being into it fully as I could have since so I founded a new deaf gaming company with positive outcomes for it wholeheartedly.

All of this begun with the love my grandparents gave me.

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