Weezer is more important than Nirvana.

I’ve made this statement and I’ve had this conversation many times over the years. The reactions ranging from agreement to cries of blasphemy. But here me out. Nirvana is important to music and culture and has had some lasting impact. I like Nirvana. Some of the first (only) songs I learned to play on guitar came from Nevermind. (The first being Polly, if you cared) Weezer had the same musical and cultural impact, except more so, and longer lasting.

To hear anyone else tell it, Nirvana single handedly ended 80's hair bands and saved rock n’ roll. Hair metal bands were already well on their way out by the time Nirvana started getting into heavy rotation on MTV. The grunge movement would’be came with or without them. If there wasn’t a Nirvana there still would have been a Pearl Jam, a Stone Temple Pilots and an Alice in Chains. They had good timing and a catchy song with a ‘new’ sound. Again, they were a good band. Just not any more special than the other bands I named. They were part of an (important) era of early 90's music.

Weezer released their self-titled or ‘Blue’ album in 1994. With it came 10 tracks of guitar driven, power pop, emo greatness. From the iconic video for ‘Buddy Holly’, to the nerd fashion…which wasn’t on purpose…but still has had a tremendous impact on fashion (for better or worse), to the heart string pulling, yet simple and comforting lyrics and heavy guitar driven classics, the Blue album was magic. Followed by the abysmal selling ‘Pinkterton’, many would label the band one-album-wonders. Until they listened. What they heard was the now heavily revered, lyrically honest (maybe too honest at times), emo/indie rock masterpiece. The music really speaks for itself. There are other albums, some better than others (the latest, the ‘White’ album is spectacular) but it’s not really relevant to the idea. The real impact came from the first two albums.

The long-term impact is really the point. I already mentioned the fashion. The clean-cut, nerdy, sweater vest and argyle socks emo, not the weirdo goth emo fashion that came much later. The cool to be a nerd, before it was cool to be a nerd. But also the other music they influenced. They helped pave the way for the late 90's/2000's emo wave…and the mid 2000's (slightly different sounding) emo wave, and a lot of the late 2000's — present indie/pop style rock bands. From The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional and Saves the Day to Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, and Taking Back Sunday to Real Estate, DNCE, and Dinosaur Pile-Up. The list goes on.

Your opinion on which band is better, or more appealing to you may differ. But that’s not really the point I’m trying to get across. I’m talking about importance and overall impact. While I absolutely prefer Weezer, I wouldn’t begrudge someone who prefers Nirvana…that’s fine. But the former’s impact was greater and further reaching.

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