Have you ever stopped to appreciate art? Like, really stopped to appreciate it?

When I was at the Museum Del Prada in Madrid, I saw this guy painting a painting of a painting. Totally meta.

It doesn’t get more inception than that.

But I saw this amazing piece of art. It really stands out and is creepy as hell.

Meuseum Del Prado Philomenes Recognized by the Old Woman

Its REALLY creepy as all hell actually. It’s full of dead animals, fruit, and people behaving bizarrely. Like those people dressed in white in the departed. Bunch of nut jobs.

But for me, the oddest part about it was that it actually looked familiar like I had seen it before.

About 3+ years ago, when I was working at Spark, we were invited to take a perspective tour at the art institute of Chicago. I had recalled a piece of art that looked the same. A quick Google search and…


Franz Snyder still life with dead game at Art institute of Chicago

There it is. That creepy ass painting again.

I guess this means I am cultured?

This post originally appeared on my blog at digitalhighrise.com

Well, I got yelled at for taking pictures, so I guess I am not really that cultured.

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