Fitness log #5150

Wt. 186 lbs.

Status. Fasted 8 hours after 4 cups white cheddar SmartPop, 10 Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies, 32 fl oz. Tang: Calamansi (limited edition), + 1.25 scoop Performix Preworkout (Orange), <0.1 gram Marijuana (smoked[Girl Scout Cookies)

Planned Work: Legs (60~80% max effort)

Today’s regimen, as Girl Scout cookies.

Performance Cookies:

Thin Mints (8g fat per 4 cookies)

-4 sets of 8 reps of 540 lbs

SAMOAS. (8g fat per 2 cookies)

-8 second roll along fibers of muscle on each leg

Peanut Butter Patties SUPERSET (8g fat per 2 cookies)

-2 sets of 8 reps each excercise

Peanut Butter Sandwiches SUPERSET (7g fat per 3 cookies)

-3 sets of 7 reps each excercise

Shortbread, aka Trefoils (4.5g fat per 4 cookies)

-4 sets of 4 pause reps (+6inch deficit)

Thanks-a-lot (6g per 2 cookies)

-2 sets of 6 second holds. This was hell.

Lemonades (7g per 2 cookies)

-2 minutes of 7mph at max incline. Died.

Mango Crémes (discontinued; fat contents unknown)

-15 minutes of 3 mph at max incline

Lift thoughts

It’s going to be 9 years until I’m satisfied with my lean muscle mass. I’m on year 4.5, and in no rush. Form, mobility, and recovery are tied at #1 for physiological priorities.

Matt Ogus; arguably YouTube’s most aesthetic bodybuilder, achieved his physique in a 9 year span (Albeit, with 16 year old hormones). A God-like Physique is achieved through exceptional mobility and recovery; and not having huge muscles, but having ALL muscles.

I’ve been testing out my new adductors. The muscles that ADD your legs together? Those. It’s been taking me months to process the body-mechanical concept of our legs generating torque, and have come to the conclusion that ALL MALES have TIGHT HIPS.

We don’t move our legs past “together,” it is a plane of motion we don’t enter. We don’t go there so we just don’t grow there. And as this imbalance progresses with unguided exercise, as does the risk from knee injuries. With bad ACLs, and MCLs, it’ll be FML til your SOL at the hospital talking about the glory days with a burnt out nurse who just wants to know your vitals. Fuck all of that, Just keep limber and proportional.

“I wake up, all veggies no eggs. I hit the gym, all chest no legs.” — 30 hours by Kanye West

I think this is hilarious.

But until you humble yourself and work with leg/hip mobility, consider building a luxury hospital and book your reconstructive knee surgery now.

Here are one of my typical “loose” ketogenic post-workout meals

Tabasco Eggs w/ “Guacamoleaves” and Chicken Pasta

~50g Fat

~80g Carbs

~25g Protein

I say “loose” because of the liberal amount of carbohydrates. But it compliments my liberal amount of gym visits per week (6). My sacrifice for tasting glory.

All salts and spices are dashes. I’m saving my sodium tokens for the weekend.

But I am starting to feel the benefits of a high fat diet. Although I’m still coping with sugar addiction, the hunger pangs influence with less vehemence.


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