John Chamberlain

Hey John. What you describe sounds very similar to what I felt. I imagined my lung or the line of staples rubbing along the chest cavity and was concerned they’d have to open me up again. It wasn’t a sharp pain at all, but it was very worrisome. I guess one way to describe it would be like if you rub your hands together slowly and the vibration that it makes and, like you said, if you move them quickly, it can skip. I can’t remember exactly where I felt it, but it wasn’t surrounding my whole chest. It was along the section where the doctors operated.

I think you should still get a doctor’s opinion on it. When I called my doctor, he didn’t seem surprised and said it was very common and would go away soon. It did, in fact, entirely go away and I haven’t had problems with it since.

Good luck! Please report back on what you find out. I’d like to know.