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Jaque Pauly

In Eastern Europe, it’s the same story everywhere: if you want to really break out and succeed you have to be in the tech industry or work with the tech industry. The other industries are already crowded and owned by the same people with positions filled by people who are a son of a friend. But the tech industry is wide open and anyone (at least, superficially, anyone) has a chance. The ability to sell your services to international companies and clients can make you 5–10x the avg salary in a country.

In Moldova (next country over from Romania) if you work in tech for local companies your salary is good for the local market. You won’t get rich but it’s good. If you work for the international market, your salary might be 4 times what a dev who works in the local market gets.

Tech isn’t a magical golden ticket of course. There are still prejudices and if you don’t fit the mold, you’re life is harder than it could be if you did fit it. But it’s closer to a meritocracy than working for other industries.

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