They mock him in a way they didn’t mock previous presidents who they didn’t particularly like. They may be right about the dangers posed by a Trump presidency. But their stance which violates long-standing norms of their profession amplifies the feelings of Trump supporters that those supporters are under attack from mainstream American culture.
The World Turned Upside Down (and what to do about it)
Russ Roberts

To be fair, he’s openly declared war on their profession. Scientists are in a similar boat. Sure, it’d be nice for them to be 100% non-partisan on some level, but when someone says your profession is part of a global hoax or conspiracy theory, you have to fight back. His base believes that the media is lying because that’s what they’re told constantly by their own media outlets. If everyone who worked for a major network was a non-partisan saint on Twitter, I don’t think it’d change the dynamic much at all. The Two Minutes Hate always has fresh targets.

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