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How Adobe Broke My Heart With Their Release of Adobe XD

Okay so if you haven’t heard, Adobe has just released their newest and brightest idea since Photoshop. It’s called Adobe Experience Design (XD), formerly known as Project Comet. It’s Adobe’s competitor to other prototyping software such as InVision and Sketch. As an extreme fanatic of Adobe and their line of products, I was ecstatic to hear that Adobe was working on such an innovative product when they announced it last year. You see, I’m a graphic designer. And as a designer that is obsessed with UX & UI design, this news couldn’t be better. But after Adobe XD’s release on Monday, I found myself not as thrilled as I should have been. In fact, I am extremely disappointed.

Now don’t get me wrong. In no way shape or form am I saying that XD sucks or fails to keep up with the hype. I highly doubt that there is much of anything that is negative about XD. But, I am disappointed because I don’t have access to it.

I awoke Monday morning and was going through my daily weekday morning ritual. As I was about to leave to head to work, I opened Facebook. One of the first articles I saw was that Adobe just released XD to the public. I was immediately filled with joy. Until I found out that it was only available for Mac users. And even worse, it isn’t scheduled for a PC release until late 2016. It’s barely March and I might have to wait months to have access to it. All that excitement immediately was overran by disappointment and jealousy. The feeling was similar to when as a kid, the coolest new toy or video game arrives in stores and all your friends and classmates all get it for Christmas. It’s like opening your gifts Christmas morning expecting that same toy/game that you’ve been telling parents about for months, only to find pairs of socks and underwear under the Christmas tree. Then as you sit there disappointed, your parents tell you that maybe you’ll get the toy for your birthday…months from now.

Yep, that’s exactly how I felt when I found out XD was only available for MAC. I’ve been an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber for years. Since their start of Creative Cloud launch. So when I originally, heard about Project Comet’s development, I prepared myself for the launch. I wanted to be one of the first designers to be able to conquer the software. I wanted that notch in my belt. I immediately signed up for Project Comet’s newsletters, participated in every survey sent to me, read every blog article and update status that Adobe posted. I even signed up to be one of the beta-testers of Project Comet, but unfortunately, I never received an invitation. Adobe even promised to send me a Project Comet t-shirt for being one of the first 1,000 people to complete one of their surveys! Still waiting for my shirt though…

It’s bad enough that I haven’t been able to practice using Sketch or OmniGraffle because of my lack of a MacBook or iMac, but now I have to wait for months to use Adobe XD as well. A lot of UX/UI jobs require the knowledge and experience of using these specific programs, and because I don’t have a Mac computer at the moment, I find myself extremely limited in my growth and transition into UX.

Oh well, I understand crying about this won’t magically cause Adobe to release a PC version of XD by tomorrow morning, so I’ll just have to work a lot harder to buy a MacBook within the next couple of months. In the meantime, I’ll drastically work to become a master of InVision and other prototyping and wire framing tools that are available to me.

Adobe, you broke my heart with the release of Adobe XD, but I still love you.

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