Who are you looking up to??

Originally when I had started my business I was very nervous, I would basically say my confidence was low even though I had been in the business for many years prior. However with me transitioning I felt like I was going into a new world. Never having employees to deal with. Learning the different nuisances that make a business successful took a minute but what got me through it all was exposing myself to people who had completed what I was doing and were in positions where I wanted to be. Constantly putting examples of successful people in front of me allowed to to distort my surroundings. I only witnessed successful people which made my mind think as if that was the only direction to go. Listening and following people who had started where I was and walked the journey to where they currently sit was power. Seeing that they had no special powers and that their circumstances were no different that mine. Through every book and every interview I learned that just as they did it so could I.

I began reading a lot in Apr. of last year (2014) and when I was doing my reading I got to see examples of people going through what I wanted to do and coming out on top. I came across an interview of Grant Cardone and he shared with the audience how those who are the most successful (CEO’s, Business Owners) read about 60 books a year where as employees read less than a book a year. I was shocked to hear that kind of information. So I began to read. First purchasing many audiobooks on my itunes account and listening to them in the car. I spend a lot of time in the car going from job site to job site and so purchasing audiobooks allowed me the opportunity to listen to a book and not slow down or conflict with my schedule. I was knocking out about 1 audiobook a week and I started to see immediate success. I started seeing immediate success because I was reading books on people who share a common journey, it started to give me confidence in selling my service. It gave me ideas on how to better market, on how to overcome different problems in the business. The people that I was reading about shared common goals as well as were people who were ahead of me. Reading their books was like them throwing tips back at me on how to accomplish their same journey in a shorter time, or with less hiccups. I learned what obstacles stood a head of me and how to better overcome them. The books shared with me how to better navigate, and the best thing I liked was ways to better my business. I joke around today and say, I know longer am trying to figure out anything on my own. I rather read a book and learn from someone doing better than I am, it saves a lot of time and only cost me $20.00.

You see a lot of our problems have already been accomplished or figured out by someone else. We don’t have to come up with all the solutions on our own. As mean or as selfish as you might think successful people are they actually want to share their knowledge with others. You see they understand there is no shortage of money or opportunities. They are open to helping those who are genuinely trying to help themselves. Expose yourself to those who you would want to mimic and let them guide you through your struggles.

Aaron Davis

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