It’s Possible

At the beginning of your journey you are going to go through some struggles, you are going to deal with some things that were not planned. Life is going to throw in obstacles that you couldn’t even prepare for and through everything you must continue. Les Brown has a great youtube video that I watch very frequently, a minimal of once a week but sometimes many times a week. Just to remind myself that what I am doing is possible. I will post the link at the bottom of this article. As you continue through your journey things are not going to get easier, in fact it is a constant struggle to continue to move forward. However what many people don’t take into account is that you do get better.

In starting a business many people suggest putting together a business plan, setting the foundation of who you are going to solicit your services to, how you are going to fulfill those orders and then repeating that process. I think it is important to have some type of plan, however I don’t believe it is totally necessary. The reason is because there are so many things that you don’t know yet about your field, or can’t put into context. How to get in front of decision makers, who to market to, how to properly price your services, finding your materials, scheduling, training and finding employees. None of this is taken into true account and even if it was you are not going to be right. Businesses don’t fail due to a lack of a business plan. Businesses fail due to the ability to find customers, provide your product and then repeat that process enough to make a profit. My largest lesson that I have learned over my last 2 years is how to find the right type of clients that I want to service, in large enough numbers so that at first I can learn how to pitch, sale and service them. You see I wasted a lot of time on things that didn’t matter. Finding great employees, finding a cost structure for my services, making sure I had the right equipment and then I looked up and realized I had no one to sale to. So many business owners worry about the wrong thing. The only thing you should be worrying about when you are coming out the gates is how to find the client who you feel would be most beneficial to your company. Then finding out how to get many of those clients on a consistent basis. The reason you want many clients is because you are going to mess up on some at first. You are going to have to go thru a phase to learn how to pitch to them. You are going to have to learn their needs and what they are looking for and if you can fulfill those needs. You then are going to get a go ahead but not realize a true cost for your product or service until you have fulfilled that first order so then you are going to have to adjust your pricing. Then you are going to grow into a client base that no longer can be serviced solely by yourself, which is the time when you are going to start looking to bring on additional help (great employees). You then are going to realize a couple employees aren’t going to work out and some tweaking to your hiring process is going to have to take place. You are going to install systems to start getting things on a consistent basis. Whether that is your showroom being cleaned every night. Food is prepped for your restaurant for the cooks in the morning. You truck is clean for the morning. What ever you are looking to have accomplished on a consistent basis. You want to create as many systems as possible. You want to rely on systems more than you want to rely on people. I will explain in a future article. However you don’t know your systems you need to create until you have employees. You don’t need employees until your clients/customers have outgrown you. You don’t need to have your pitch totally perfect until you have clients and you will want to have a process in place to put you in front of many clients because there are things you don’t know and you are going to make mistakes on the first couple, (don’t worry though we all go through it and you will be much further than the person who is preparing, because they are playing with the pen and paper not realizing that the electricity still has to be paid at the end of the month.)

In all, we come back to the title of this article, “It’s possible”. It’s possible because you are going to do the most important thing first which is get in front of potential clients. You then are going to work out from there. Mark Cuban says sales cures all. As long as you have a consistent stream of potential clients, you can afford to mess up on the first couple. Learn your mistakes quickly and make adjustments rapidly. You will succeed.

It’s Possible and It’s always a pleasure DavisOfficial

Les Brown It’s Possible

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