Thank God Its Friday!!!!

I hope you didn’t think I forgot about you. I made a promise to myself to talk with you on a daily basis and I was not going to let up on that. I was on my way to a meeting around 6pm with a current client of ours and I was stuck in “going home” traffic. At first I was really frustrated but then I started to notice those around me and take note. It was quite interesting, the emotions that was being displayed by so many. I was looking at the faces of all the different drivers and everyone was happy, people were in traffic blasting their music, I was even next to a couple girls who I briefly over heard talking about their plans for the evening. It was really funny, and then I get to my destination. I am in the car because I am a couple minutes early and I decide to do a couple post for my pages and was going through the trending topics and at the top guess what it said “TGIF” (incase you don’t know what that means, it stands for thank god its friday. An expression used by many as we approach the weekend and have 2 wonderful days off. I hit the subject line and scroll through the number of post around the world of people who have hash tagged #TGIF. Folks talking about how they can’t wait to get off work, plans for the evening/weekend and on and on. There is even a facebook page that was created for TGIF.

I bring this all up because for those of you who want to get ahead in life this is the perfect time to do. I started to take a look back at points in the past where I could see measurable improvements and it always came on the weekends, and it is because everyone is taking the day off. People are literally leaving home base wide open for you to steal. I have transitioned my weekends to be a time of learning. I have become frustrated by the weekends due to the business that I am in, the decisions makers that I interact with normally are off on the weekend so it is very hard for me to sale our products and services. However, no one can stop me from learning, no one can stop me from going into my business, implementing new systems and finding new ways to be efficient. I use these weekends and holidays in order to gain ground or further my lead and it has worked tremendously. I wrote this article this late so that it could show up in your newsfeed as you were getting ready to go out and party. While you are party I am learning, you ask why? I will soon show you.

Have a great weekend. There is no better time to further your lead on your competition or gain traction than the weekend and holidays. Everyone is relaxed, the guards are taking breaks and the red flag is open for the taking.

- Aaron Davis

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