As we have just left a very rough summer season with very little watering you might be thinking about other options available for your landscape project for next year. I wanted to introduce you to xeriscaping which is a fancy word used by landscapers to basically mean drought tolerant plants.

Xeriscaping is a form of landscape that uses native and drought tolerant plants to help reduce in the amount of daily water use needed for your landscape. The official definition is landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. I find that many people when told about drought tolerant plants the first thing they think of is catus and other unpleasant looking plant types. Native and drought tolerant plants do not have to be distasteful. In fact there are many types of plants that meet the xeriscape requirements that have character and provide color.

With all of our xeriscape projects we go through a 5 step process:

1 We plan and design what your property will look like once completed. Giving you the ability to see the finish project prior to giving us the ok.

2. We put together practical turf areas that flow with your property and remove all turf areas that are not required.

3. Choosing the appropriate plants is a must. Finding out the amount of sunlight that a particular area receives allows us to choose the best type of plant for that location.

4. Efficient Irrigation is the main reason to do any Xeriscaping Project. We will remove all water wasting irrigations and install the most efficient watering units possible for a particular area.

5. Use of Mulches. For this section it is most appropriate to use barks in order to help in the conservation of watering and with soil expansion and condensation.

That is the 5 step process we do every Xeriscape project in order to select the plants with the most color and character possible for your newly renovated area.

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