There is so much wrong with this I couldn’t get through it all .

“For one thing, there’s already a costless, instant way to exchange value without a middleman: cash.”

What ?

So if I am in Washington D.C. and you are in Seattle, and I want to send you $250,000 , how am I going to give you that in cash, exactly? And for free/almost free ? Tonight?

You can do that with cryptos. That is utility. That is superior to cash.

Tens of billions of dollars a year are raked from United States’ consumers hands into companies like Paypal , Western Union, Venmo, every year.

Points? A free checked bag on a flight? Seriously?

I think we’d prefer to have our billions of dollars actually ,instead of losing it to fees, and then given back a tiny portion of it as a “gift” from a generous credit card company that is charging me 27% APR.

“Plus, it’s not actually that good a payment system — Visa can handle sixty thousand transactions per second, while Bitcoin historically taps out at seven”

You’re right but you conveniently fail to mention the other emerging cryptos that far surpass BTC’s ability. Visa’s network was developed over decades of innovation and advancements in technology.

“Nobody actually wants to pay with bitcoin, thats why it hasn’t taken off” ..

Again, no.. that is not true. Nobody pays with it because nobody accepts it yet , and it is just barely beginning to become mainstream. Ten years ago it was only the most hardcore geeks in niche communities that knew about Bitcoin so dont pretend that stores have had BTC stickers in their windows ready to take BTC for 10 years and it has just been collecting dust in the free market.. that is ridiculous and also fantasy.

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