Already made it

You’re on the outside of the circle. You’re a step behind. You’re missing the point, it’s too far ahead. You never made it. Darwin told us this was normal. You aren’t supposed to feel like you’ve made it, because then you won’t drive to make it. How can you dwell in the present with the unpredictability of the future. Run a step ahead of the cheetah and gather one more nut than the squirrel. Reach up into the trees and pull down another bird for the table. Dig down into the earth and take another metal-veined rock for the furnace. Then you’ll be happy. Then you’ll be satiated. Then you’ll be satisfied. Always then and never now.

What is that hasn’t been and what will be that hasn’t been fulfilled? The present moment isn’t lived in the future or in the past so why are those the places that we live? Darwin told us we weren’t satisfied. That we were incomplete. That we were a work in progress. Darwin told us what we already knew.

The inside of a circle is empty, a step follows another step, and a point is infinitely small.

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