Aaron J. Yancey
May 11 · 3 min read

There he was

Another transparent young man with no tan

Living his best life

Describing a sometimes seemingly unattainable movie I often imagine

Both in waking and sleeping states


I’m not referring to live scenes from chatrrrbate or phub

I’m talking about my failed attempts to travel the world and live as a writer

I know this pipe dream is the latest fad of our generation

Along with too tight pants and Polyamory


Like many millennials am allergic to even the thought of a traditional job

I’ve always been a Writer

I have about six or seven thick journals stored in random places

Filled with prayers


Sketches and other nonsense

I actually started out as an English major but switched to pursue a Law Career

Some people say I might’ve dodged a bullet by never enrolling in Law School

Thanks to an LSAT Score of 147


After a marriage of ten years

Ended in divorce

I began to seriously journal even more

Write books

Five books which you can checkout here…

Before I lose anymore of your attention that you have gracefully given

Here is my first ever poetic review of Freddie…I mean Tom Kuegler’s article

Which I highly recommend reading below…

Journaling provides FOUR LIFE CHANGING Benefits

  1. Decreased anger and anxiety
  2. Simple A-B Testing
  3. You are more in the moment AKA “present”
  4. Increased self-awareness

Decreased anger and anxiety

I’ve been saying ever since my divorce

Writing has been my greatest form of therapy

So with this author Mr. Kuegler I Mos Def agree

Simple A-B Testing

What I hear him saying is that journaling is a great form of



Or what I like to refer to as

A-B testing

Writing then reflecting leads to continually growing in all areas of life

You are more in the moment AKA “present”


He used the word “fucking”

Now I don’t feel so bad about referring to phub or chaturbate earlier


Although I’m probably killing any chance of writing for the NY Times or ESPN

Oh fuck it

That felt good

There is always BBC or Huffington

Most humans

Especially Americans are rarely present

We’re all thinking of what we want to say while the other is speaking

Rarely listening

Or sitting together sharing a meal

Eating lunches alone in parked cars

With windows rolled down

Radios loudly blasting noise

Unable to enjoy the beauty of silence

Birds chirping

Journaling allows your mind to sift for hidden treasure

To paraphrase the author

Increased self-awareness

I have never been more aware of how unaware I was until I began writing

This time around

I was actually releasing for the sole purpose of surviving

Learning to listen to myself

The real A-A-Ron had been stuffed in a closet for so long

We are just beginning to discover who exactly he is

And what HE enjoys doing

A wonderful feeling when a man begins thinking for himself

Journaling forces you

All your egos and emotions into one giant boxing ring







Killing and praising the worst and best parts of who I thought I was

An old school art

Lost these days

An ability to honestly evaluate

Freely express oneself

In a corporate

Politically incorrect culture

Encouraging us all to put on unfamiliar faces

Distant from your true identity

And be one big ass phony

Happy writing

Aaron J. Yancey

Written by

Anomaly born in Germany raised in St. Louie For my 📚 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾Click the following link https://aaronjyancey.com/booksbya-a-ron

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