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May 17 · 9 min read

May 16, 2019

Sleep Goal: Dream about next direction in life and an ideal work situation

Sleep Primer: Played the board games Risk and Monopoly on www.pogo.com

Sleep Aid: Fell asleep to Joseph Campbell and The Power Myth with Bill Moyers S1:E1 The Hero’s Adventure

Sleep Time: 8 AM

Wake Time(s): 11:40 AM and 5:34 PM

Part 1 — I had to travel from one side of Kansas City to another. I’m unable to recall why, but I could see an aerial shot of the roads below as though I was viewing a Google map. An audible voice told me that Lee’s Summit, Missouri was the best place to live because it was nice and not overcrowded yet compared to some other areas. As I passed through from town to town, people were outside having a celebration on my way to Lee’s Summit. I can picture so much more in this portion of the dream but it’s overwhelming to describe it all right now.

Part 2 — A few ladies and guys who I did not know were all playing a card game with me. We each took turns collecting cards to gather a total of ten to win. This portion of the dream is also difficult to describe due to so many moving parts and overwhelming amounts of detail to the dream. One of the young ladies was asking me for advice because she had two piles of cards to pull from on each turn. One pile would benefit herself and the other pile would strengthen one of her opponents. We appeared to all be on teams, but also played individually. There was also a virtual reality portion to this game and we were all inside a pinball machine.

I was briefly awaken at 11:40 AM then I went back to sleep before having the next set of dreams.

Part 3 — A short black dude snatched a twenty dollar bill out of my wallet. Then this chubby white boy told me to stop him before he got away. I did not notice the money was missing until I double checked inside my wallet. Very quickly I was able to go restrain the guy and force him to give me the money back before he escaped.

Part 4 — I was inside this large cafeteria attempting to buy two Sprite sodas, one for my big bro and one for me. There were two one dollar bills stuck inside the machine. I pulled them out and was trying to flatten them out. After a while I gave up and pulled out my wallet to replace them with straight ones. A chubby white boy walked up behind me and hinted that I should try using straight bills instead of wrinkled ones just as I was in the process of doing exactly that. I gave him a sarcastic look and smart response pretending as though I really appreciated his enlightening suggestion.

Part 5 — I walked into a crowded cafeteria / break room and waited to use the vending machines. While I was in line behind a pretty young brown lady, I tossed my gum into a nearby trashcan. Unfortunately, I missed just short of the can and decided I’d do the right thing, picking up the gum with a crumpled napkin pulled from my back pocket before someone else stepped their foot in it.

Part 6 — Prior to walking over to the cafeteria area, I was at the entrance of the mental health counseling center I’ve been going to recently. This big white guy who’s in charge of the place was sitting in a large comfy looking easy chair. He extended his sweaty palm to offer me a tiny red Chiclet of gum. Normally in a conscious state I would have declined, but for some reason thanked him and unconcerned with germs partook unabashedly. Behind him were several young people and they were blocking the double doors that led to a luminous gym. I apparently worked at this facility now in addition to being a client and I was there to tell that big white guy it was my last day before leaving to go live with my big brother in another city.

Part 7 — Prior to going into the Mental Health Center, I was riding in the passenger side of my big bro’s ride. He was driving an SUV or Van and my oldest son who is eight accompanied us in the back seat. The beat to that song, I’m a Threat Threat Threat by 2 Chainz, was playing on the radio. Then Jay-Z started rapping lude lyrics over the beat like it was a remix, so my big bro turned it off knowing AJ was listening in the back. Once we pulled up to the Center I got this epiphany just before walking in that I wasted my big bro’s time and gas. I could have just called or e-mailed to notify my job and give them a forwarding address. I went ahead and walked inside anyway.

Part 8 — In this scene, a blubbery hairy white dude with barely any clothes on was in a bedroom with me. I have no idea what I was doing there, but I was very afraid that he was prepared to take advantage of me. I was also worried that someone else was hiding in the room ready to assist him in pouncing on me and I would be helpless to escape. I was able to lucidly become aware of what was happening and change the channel of this awfully scary scene before having to witness the outrageous outcome.

Part 9 — I appeared to be inside an Anytime Fitness. This one was much larger than any of the multiple locations I’ve had the pleasure of working out, sleeping and showering in across the United States over the last two years. Typically their gyms are quite small compared to their competitors.

As I walked through this particular location I could see royal blue flooring everywhere and several spaces in the process of renovation. I was one of only a few people there and just as I started to think to myself that this would be a perfect place to sneak away somewhere and sleep, a bunch of people walked in to workout. I decided to keep touring the gym for more good sleeping spots.

I continued to explore around and out of nowhere the entire gym began to transform before my eyes. I could now see orange painted basketball courts in all directions. There were a few young guys shooting baskets and I decided to join in on one of the courts.

Now I’m outside the gym, the sun is shining brightly among cotton white clouds, picturesque blue skies, and who do I see? My old high school basketball coach Mouser, Grandon, Greg and Randy Reed were all standing in the parking lot at the University of Nebraska — Omaha. I waved, smiled and that was it.

Part 10 — I was riding a bike through a neighborhood that appeared to be a projection from my imagination. I saw a few people walking and don’t exactly know my intended destination. I did turnaround at one point and head home to grab something I had forgotten to bring with me.

Part 11 — Wow! My infamous ex-wife managed to make another appearance in this dream. I swear this is the worst part about being divorced, but it has turned into something rather comical. I wish I kept a journal about previous dreams she was in. Similar to most of the other dreams, in this one she was raging mad and prepared to go off on me about something unnecessarily stupid in my eyes. She stormed into the living room of my brother’s apartment where, Wayne, a few other guys and I were all chilling and playing video games. Trish began yelling about something as I lucidly tuned her out to focus on the game I was playing. Eventually I became frustrated by her interrupting our fun and as she huffed out of the apartment I snatched a track of her blond hair.

I have no clue as to why Trish was wearing blond extensions. She typically wears it naturally curly and is modest in her color choices, but in this dream she looked like a broke down Halle Berry from the movie B.A.P.S.

I could feel myself simultaneously in the dream and in real life experiencing an amazing adrenaline rush of excitement after snatching that weave and slamming the door shut. In that moment I felt like Martin when he used to tell Pam or Gina, “Get tah Steppin!”

Then immediately afterward, I was sad that I had possibly hurt her feelings and she would never come back.

Thoughts and Interpretations

Eleven parts!!! I think I set a record! I don’t know if that’s the most vivid my dreams have been up until this point, or I’m just getting better at recalling them. This is a lot to interpret and dissect, so I’ll just focus on the parts that stood out the most.

There appears to be a motif in my dreams where I see basketball courts and often people I played basketball with at some point in life. I don’t know if that’s just because I’ve been watching an abnormally increased amount of the NBA Playoffs recently or I actually have a desire to get involved in the sport in some capacity again. Whether playing, reffing or coaching, my buried hoop dreams are definitely calling me.

It is also very interesting that out of my four kids, only my oldest son Aiden was in the dream.

I have been dreaming about my big bro a lot since I’m going to his graduation this weekend, and there is a good chance we will be living together soon.

No comment on the blubbery hairy white dude. I don’t know where the hell that part of the dream came from, but I can assure you, I was not watching P-Hub prior to bed and I don’t swing that way. No offense to those who do or are into blubbery hairy white dudes.

Lastly, if anyone has a cure to deleting your ex from all future dreams, please contact me ASAP! Maybe someone can hypnotize me like ole dude in the movie Get Out…

It seems darn near impossible, because I have children with this woman and we were together for twelve years, married ten. It feels as though I have this inner desire to make my ex-wife feel as bad and depressed as I did all of those years we were together. In the dream I was excited to embarrass and shame her, then felt bad afterward. I just hope that whenever I get established and ready for a new serious relationship, I will be able to not dream about my ex-wife nearly as much as I’ve been doing.

Stay tuned…to be continued.

I highly encourage you to start keeping a dream journal and make notes of differences you feel it’s having on your daily waking life.

Feel free to email me directly at aaronjaredyancey@gmail.com or comment on this post below.

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