Yancey’s #DreamDiaries

Aaron J. Yancey
May 21 · 2 min read


Sleep Goal — Just have a few dreams and remember them. My sleep has been thrown off between the long road trip and all the festivities this past weekend.

Sleep Primer — Magic City in ATL

Sleep Aid — Silence

Sleep Time — 3 AMish

Wake Time(s) — 6:15 AM

1 — I had a wild hallucination where I could see the storm trooper statue in my big bro’s apartment changing faces. The faces got scarier and scarier. The only way to describe these faces is something between demons and Chinese dragons.

2 — I was walking through a large apartment complex getting ready to hangout with my ex-wife. Once again, she made it into another damn dream. I first was going to pickup my socks that were randomly on the ground. A bunch of white people were looking at me strange like I did not belong in their neighborhood. Out of nowhere these cops yelled over loud speakers for everyone to freeze and that they were looking for a suspect involved in a robbery. I immediately began running for the fences to escape and not have to answer any questions.

3 — I ran into this strip of restaurants. I was going to use the bathroom really quick inside of one of the places but there was a long line. I decided to keep walking through a hallway to another area. I saw women in the air doing trapeze acrobatics. One of the ladies was superbly beautiful. I started to walk over and talk to the pretty redbone, but I was blocked abruptly by another guy that was also trying to talk to her.

4 — I walked into the mental health counseling center I was going to for a while to tell them I was moving to another state and would not be able to continue going. One of the young white female caseworkers there gave me a pen and paper to write my forwarding information down. She got really close and put her face next to mine so I knew she was interested in me.

5 — I was at the mental health counseling center eating lunch with the group. The lunchroom slightly felt like a prison with a bunch of long tables. They put a bunch of yummy appetizers out for us to eat. I made sure to grab the chicken strips before they were all gone. Some of the people there were upset about something but I can’t recall the reasons why.

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