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Aaron J. Yancey
Jun 17 · 4 min read

6.11.2019 6:39 PM

I woke up this morning feeling a little depressed and overwhelmed

But I’ll be alright

Dream part 1

I was wearing a cross gold chain similar to the one I had in HS

I was at my Uncle Arnold’s house it appeared and there were all of these old friends from The Mission House Church AKA The Oreo Cult I used to be a part of

I especially remember seeing Joe, Russ and OJ…there were some other people there I didn’t know but they all looked at me like I was the greatest ball player of all-time or like I was going to help whichever team win

I went to the bathroom and two people a guy and his date were standing there while another person I was talking to watched me pee

it was really awkward…I was peeing for a really long time and toward the end my pee turned red like blood

It felt like I was at some big ole cookout

I remember seeing a really beautiful Indian woman kind of thick with curly hair walk in but she had a date with her it appeared

She was clearly the most attractive woman at this party

I remember eating ribs

Part 2

I was in the car with a family member

Some guy and this family member were telling me all the things I should ask my Uncle for once I got to his house

One of those things was an old suit that he no longer needed

The other was the nice fairly still new orange car / crossover vehicle that he no longer used

I think the third thing was related to employment

I feel like we were in some sort of car accident at one point but my memory on this part is vaguely fuzzy

Part 3

There was this very voluptuous white young lady that I was close friends with

We discussed meeting up to have a “good time” together back at my Mom’s place

I knew that probably would not be the greatest idea but I was too embarrassed to tell her I didn’t currently have a car to get to her

So she would have to drive to me

We were at some parking lot hugging, kissing and talking

Part 4

My ex-wife and I were doing something together

I felt like it was the answer to what I should be doing work wise

That was right where I initially woke up around 11am but didn’t write down the details of the dream

Now I don’t remember any of it other than the fact that Trish was in that part of the dream

Part 5

I was at someone’s mansion

They had a big ole corn field outside that was ready to harvest

There were these Big Foot looking people that kept coming up and grabbing ears of corn to eat

There was a white farmer dude who parked his big truck in the middle of the field

He was loading corn onto the bed of the truck

I could see all of this just outside the window of the mansion I was staying in

I at one point ate some of the corn

Part 6

I was with big bro Wayne in a parking lot

We had just left somewhere and were headed home

He did not look all the way ok like he was under the influence of something so I told him to let me drive and leave the other black truck there

He did and I had to have him direct me home because I did not have gps nor did I really know the area the way he did

Part 7

I was with big bro Wayne again

This time we went to a house to meet these entrepreneur guys and discuss business

They walked us back to an open area of the house where a bunch of young college age looking entrepreneurs were all just laying in sleeping bags and blankets

A few of them were very good looking ladies and one of the brown ones had her bare bountiful chest exposed

They had all just eaten and then the two owners gave a presentation

Wayne and I both tried to discreetly film the entire room on our iPhones without anyone noticing

At the end of the presentation we asked if we could have some of the leftover food

Then all of the young people woke up from their naps and started attacking the food like vultures

The only thing really left in abundance was a big ole picked over turkey

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