Here’s how Collapsed reached #1 on Producthunt and what you can expect next.

Collapsed was first introduced to the world about a month ago on Betalist. It received about 250 signups and the feedback to the product were all positive, everyone especially loved the design landing page for the project which was great; I spent a while creating it.

Above the fold landing page for

You could have 5000, 2000, or even 250 newsletter signups but if you can’t engage with your users then it… it doesn’t really matter. They’re just numbers. That’s where I believe I messed up.

I only sent 2 email campaigns ( I think ) to my Betalist newsletter. I didn’t engage with my users, mainly because I thought there was no point. I was focused on creating the product and commiting to my launch date.

After Betalist.

I created a medium post talking about what’s going to happen with Collapsed. The gist was essentially this. The product would be launching on the 20th, it will have about 50 startups posted and it will be redesigned. I only fulfilled 1/3 of those promises.

The product didn’t make the launch date on the 20th, because it so happened that a certain businessman was becoming the president of the United States. A friend advised me to launch a later date, so I agreed. We pushed the date two days later.

January 22th, 2017 — Product Hunt Launch

I woke up to Mubashar Iqbal telling me he posted Collapsed on Producthunt. The page was still in lockdown mode and required a password to access it, so it was rejected by the PH community as it was classified as “beta”.

I quickly removed the virtual barrier and told him we’re good to go. He quickly reminded me to share to everyone I know (for me, not that many). I shared to a few people that I knew and also sent it to my mailing list, of which about 50 people clicked through.

After about 4 hours, Collapsed ended becoming the most voted product for that day with 138 upvotes. This made us #1 in Tech. I replied to every single feedback that was on there and made sure to let everyone know that their voices were being heard.

As the day continued, we continued to grow; retaining our #1 spot.

Fast forward two days later, we joined the #1000makers club. Collapsed garnered more than 1000 upvotes.

There was an issue with users signing in, which took me a while to fix. After it was fixed, I was actually quite content that bug came up. I finally understood what people meant by “You gain experience by creating projects”.

This was my first public project so I’m really glad a lot of people liked it. I’m also glad my $5 digitalocean server didn’t roll over. I did my best to decrease the amount of requests hitting the servers by offloading static files and media files to S3 (cost me 15 cents so far) and cached cacheable content. This kept the server running below %10.

We got about 35,000 pageviews from product hunt from about 8000 users and had about 12.9% (1234) returning visitors.

data from Jan 22th to Jan 25th

Produchunt brought in a high amount of traffic for the product directly and also indirectly. Collapsed was featured on a German site which brought nearly 700 visitors and another site which brought in a good amount.

What’s next?

Collapsed is pretty minimal right now in terms of features and it’s minimal because I wanted to launch it. There are always stories about people working on projects which never get launched because they always add new features; I didn’t want Collapsed to be one of them.

I launched the minimum for the site to function, which was essentially it’s core idea; tracking failed startups. Collasped currently does that quite decently, but it can definitely be improved. The cause of failure section on any startup featured on Collapsed has been highlighted by many users as something that needs to be improved. So here’s what’s going down.

The next few updates will be incremental ones, they’ll help make the core product much more solid. I need to do this before adding anything else.

  1. Startup submission: Currently if you want to submit any startup on Collapsed, you have to go through Typeform. In the spirit of staying #lean, I’ll be using Typeform to manage submissions whilst I’m building out for the platform. The new submission feature will allow any user to submit a startup but also allow other users to moderate the submission before it goes live. This should help with verifiying that data provided is correct. Also, if users find anything mistakes, they’ll be able to click “Update” on a startup page and rectify it directly from there.
  2. Causes of failure: Currently the causes of failure section just has a small red tag and a small description explaining that tag. This will change. Users will be able to give answers to what caused a startup’s failure in such a way that allows them to be as insightful as they can be whilst being pleasant to read.
    Other users will then be able to comment on this user’s answer and have a discussion if they have conflicting view points etc.

3. User profile: This will be updated to reflect the new “answers” feature in the Causes of failure section. Also, I’m not really digging the current design. :/

After these three are completed, I will then work on a major feature: Q&A feature for startup advice.

That’s it for today. I just want to thank Mubashar Iqbal for helping me launch Collapsed and also everyone who supported this project. If you have any questions, just ask below or send me a tweet on twitter.

Extra stuff:

  • Collapsed will be having a minimum of 1 startup being added each day, so whenever you check in, there should always be something new there waiting for you.
  • I’ll be working on a new project… but that’s a story for another day

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