A Beach For Each

What do you look for in a beach? Is it the golden sand, the sun shinning, the salty wind in your hair, or perhaps glistening waves? Whatever you’re looking for, New Zealand has it for you. Hey guys, Aaron back here to give you a run down on some of the best beaches New Zealand has to offer you.

By Amos Chapple

Ninety Mile Beach

Now, men are not the only ones to lie about their length, Ninety Mile Beach, as I mentioned in my previous blog, is only 88 kilometers long. Renowned for its magnificent sunsets, great fishing, and a long left hand break, Ninety Mile beach should definitely be on you to-do list. The beach itself is a national highway, however most rental companies don’t allow their cars on the beach, so the best way to get up and down is either catching a coach tour, or sticking out your thumb as some local will be happy to give you a lift.

If you’re into fishing Ninety Mile Beach hosts a 5 day fishing competition annually around February or March, a good chance for you to show off to the locals, and get yourself a nice snapper for dinner at the same time.

You can find Ninety Mile Beach at the top of the north Island, 2–3 hours north of Whangarei.

Piha Beach

Known mostly within New Zealand for it’s TV show, Piha Rescue, Piha Beach is the most famous beach in Auckland. If you are into surfing, then you are coming to Piha. As the birthplace of New Zealand board riding, back in 1958, Piha has maintained its hold on the New Zealand surf community attracting many eager riders to its breaks. If you are not the most confident swimmer then don’t worry, Piha hosts some of the best and friendliest lifeguards in the country, one of which I had the honour of working with after he moved down to Christchurch.

By Susan Blick

Piha itself is split down the middle by Lion Rock, a natural volcanic formation, which has become the icon not only for Piha, but for the west coast of Auckland.

You can find Piha on the west coast of the Auckland region, only 50 minutes drive from the center of the City.

By The Coromandel

Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach is one of my personal favourites on the list. Yes, as the name and the picture above suggest, Hot Water Beach has a lot of hot water, and allows you to dig your own personal hot-pool! How you may wonder? Well Hot Water Beach has geothermic activity going on below it’s golden sands, as you dig down the hot water below bubbles up through the sand creating these unique hot pools.

The best times to experience the pools is 2 hours either side of low tide and there are plenty of places around to hire a shovel. Just be careful not to burn your toes and I’m sure you’ll have memorable experience.

Hot Water Beach is located in the Beautiful Coromandel, approximately 2.5 hours drive from Auckland city

Lake Taupo

This is the only non-sea-based beach on my list. Lake Taupo lies in the middle of the North Island, sitting in the depression of Taupo Volcano. While the lake area itself offers a variety of activities from boating to sky diving, I find the beach around the lake to be quite interesting. Most of the beach made up of pumice stone, an incredibly light volcanic rock, as a result, it’s main feature is how easy it is to carve. Sitting back, staring out into the lake, and carving yourself something nice is a great way to spend the day in my book. Around the lake you can also find yourself some beautifully carved Maori artwork, created straight out of the rock walls.

Taupo is located in the center of the North Island, 2.5 hours drive from the lovely city of Napier.

Surf Highway 45

If your ideal beach holiday includes a van, a board and some sweet surf breaks, then head on down to Taranaki. Surf breaks are found all along the west coast of the region, otherwise known as Surf Highway 45.

Making your way along the coast, you’ll find plenty of places to stop over, the above picture showing off one of the most popular beaches, Fitzroy beach. I feel one if the best parts about this stretch of beaches is the view of Mt. Taranaki you’ll get while you glide along the ocean waves.

Surf Highway 45 is 105km long, situated on the southern west coast of Taranaki, just 50 minutes around the mountain from New Plymouth.


Sitting up to top of the South Island, tucked away in the Able Tasman you’ll find yourself Anchorage. If you are looking for that picturesque beach with the sun, golden sand, and lush green forest leading up to the beach, then this is the place for you.

Anchorage is a bit more out of the way than the other beaches on my list, however, if you make your way down here, I can guarantee you won’t regret it*

*Guarantee does not include acts of nature including but not limited to: non-stop rain, non-stop wind, or an obnoxious tourist arriving on the same day.

So there are just some of the beautiful beaches New Zealand has for you, take your pick and enjoy a lovely beach holiday down under. Tune in next time for more of what this beautiful country has to offer.

See ya next time

Aaron Brown

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