1% for you is 100% for them

I bought a tuxedo today. I rented for the Wealth Management Awards dinner, and then found I have three more events coming up where I need one, so it penciled out.

As I left the store, the salesman shook my hand and said “you’re gonna look good.”

It struck me as odd as I walked to my car. Good? Not great? Not amazing? Just good. Interesting. (I know, it’s quite possible that “good” is as good as it gets with this face!)

Then I realized, he’s probably said “you’re gonna look great” about sixty times today. So it felt natural to him to mix in a “good.”

But that one moment was 100% of my customer experience with him.

When you’re working with customers or partners, it’s important to remember that while you may have a lot of interactions with them, they’re only having one with you.

That’s why one of our core values at Riskalyze is delight: we believe in using every interaction with our customers — the product, a phone call, an email, even their bill — to delight them.

Make every customer experience count.

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