I have a new podcast called Coin Talk

For the person in your life who talks too much about Bitcoin.

Jay Caspian and I have a new podcast:

Recently we, perhaps like you, got swept up in cryptomania. We signed up for multiple exchanges, purchased our first BTC, panic sold during our first crash and spent countless hours debating which shitcoin that would turn us into millionaires. None of this went particularly well, especially for our wives who have both explicitly banned us from talking about crypto with them, but as we dug deeper into Reddit threads, outright scams and dubious whitepapers, we realized we were really taking a crash course on everything from blockchain theory to international banking to behavioral economics.

More about Coin Talk.

You can subscribe by searching “Coin Talk” in any podcast app, or at Apple Podcasts here.

There is a preview episode up now and more episodes will be posted at least once a week.