How I got to the most viewed video on Instagram ever!!! 350,193,076 views, here’s my story:

Here’s the link if you want to see the video — proofs in the pudding
3 min readFeb 21, 2018


I first created my Instagram account back in 2015, under my name Aaron Lawrence and was just posting my art and design work. When browsing Instagram, I always loved watching the videos of hand lettering and being a designer, type lover and hand letterer — I wanted to do the same….

So I started doing TimeLapse videos like the one above and these types of videos had way more buzz around them than the art and design pics I was posting. So I continued doing what worked, creating more videos like these and I HAD A NOTHING BUT A BLAST DOING IT. It did not feel like work, it felt like a hobby.

I STARTED WITH MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT AND THEN CREATED A BRANDED ACCOUNT ONCE I GOT SOME TRACTION GOING. My advice is to start with a personal account and then add all your friends and family. This will give you an early following…..Once you have that, then turn your personal account into a BRAND ACCOUNT and start treating your post as Branded Content. If you need to, go back and create another personal account later on for personal posts.

I created a Brand called From here on out I only created content that was aligned with my Brand. (Only TimeLapse videos of hand-lettering).

Next up, I got some help from a very talented and amazing friend Mike Lee. He introduced me to MY FIRST MARKETING CHANNEL called He created a product-hunt page for me and this boosted my business and this connected me to my very first customers of letterlapse. Thank you Mike!!!!

OKAY, BACK IN 2015 I GOT REALLY REALLY REALLY LUCKY!!!!! Instagram sent me a message informing me that they wanted to share my video within a new feature they’re rolling out. See message below:

This sent my video on a viral adventure and I started to get huge followings and video traction over night!

This viral feed went on for about 2 years. It was awesome!!! My phone would blow up with notifications all day and I loved it! I really enjoyed the reach, the comments, the likes but most of all I really really loved how this connected me with so many amazing people in one platform. Thank you instagram!

So how do I know this? Someone pointed this out to me recently and when I google searched “most viewed video of instagram ever” here’s what I found. Mostly top viewed videos are by celebrities, like Selina Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, etc…. I compiled what the internet is saying are the top most viewed videos on instagram below

As you can see, these all have really large view counts but they don’t come close to the 350,171 336 views below:

Why am I writing this?

Reason number 1: You should just do things that you really enjoy doing. Whatever it is, follow your bliss mode! Do it just for the enjoyment and I hope you get lucky or find something special. Even if no one is watching, do it anyway!!!! Actually that’s an important aspect that defines you……what do you do when no one is around?

The other reason I’m writing this is to find out if this is actually true. Have any of you seen a video on Instagram with more than 350,000,000 views?

Comment below if you have, thanks a bunch