Geddy (Part two)

Mike at his Wedding shredding the air guitar

Even though I now knew Geddy’s real name was Mike, I continued to call him Geddy for years. For simplicity sake, I will address him as Mike when I refer to him.

Mike had a few dates with my sister, and they continued to talk a bit on the computer, but after a short while my sister decided that it wasn’t a relationship she wanted to pursue. I never really asked about any of the details, but I continued to talk with Mike after he and my sister went their separate ways.

He was a bit upset about things not working out with my sister, we did talk about it sometimes but our friendship was largely based around music. The first time we hung out Mike showed me his collection, which was gigantic, and introduced me a few new bands.

I tried to portray at the time that I knew more than I did, I looked up to Mike right away and wanted him to like me. I was eager to learn more about what was out there as far as music went, and Mike showed me more than I could have imagined, and really helped me see the value of songwriting.

Mike was a product of the 80’s, so a lot of what he listened to was in that genre, but he also kept up to date with new music. Mike showed me Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, and of course his favorite band Rush. The first time we hung out he let me tape some of his CD’s, and showed me how to make photocopies of the album art to make it seem more authentic.

Over the course of that summer Mike and I began hanging out fairly often, sometimes with other people we had met on the computer. Mike lived in the city, about twenty minutes from the small town I had grown up in. I didn’t get to the city much as a kid because my mother refused to drive there, and my father was never home.

Mike and I would basically just go out and have fun. I remember I had always wanted to steal a pylon from the side of the road and put it in my room, and one night Mike helped me turn that into a reality. I still had that pylon up until a few years ago.

Mike will come up again, as he was a pretty big part of my life for a couple years, but when I first met him I was still struggling with my self-worth and my identity. Mike helped me a lot with both. Having someone that I looked up to that wanted to spend time with me, and actually seemed to have a genuine interest in getting to know me really helped me start to develop some hope.

Music would end up being a major element of my life, and even though I may not have liked everything Mike showed me, he really helped me get a sense of what was out there, and the passion and knowledge he had definitely helped me realize how powerful a relatable song can be when you need it.

With all of this going on in my life, I tried to forget that High School was quickly approaching. Mike was in school to become a History Teacher, so once September showed up we would only have time on the weekends to hang out. We still talked regularly on the computer, and the same platform would also introduce me to a whole world of new people.

My interactions with Brad started to decrease once I started hanging out with Mike, we were still friends but our relationship seemed to ebb and flow a lot. I also still spent time with Dave, but with his involvement in the computer world, he also knew who Geddy was. Dave and Mike met a few times, but he never really came to hang out with us.

Overall things were starting to seem like they were looking up for me, and for the first time I could remember, I was feeling optimistic about the future.