It’s time..

It was the end of May in 1997, and I knew my daughter was due at any time. We had a couple false alarms, and my anxiety was higher then it had ever been as I anticipated the birth of my child. I had taken a couple classes that Kristy had enrolled us in, learning about the child birth process and what to expect.

I had also got as much information from Rob as possible from his experience, and was trying to be optimistic. Rob seemed to be really happy after his son was born, and I was hoping that I would feel the same once the constant anticipation came to an end.

I was at school when I got the call, I was told it wasn’t urgent yet, but I should be making my way over to her parents house to go with them to the hospital. There were not a lot of people who drove that I was friends with, but luckily I was obliged by someone who knew my situation, and was willing to act as transport.

I arrived at Kristy’s parents house, and they helped me calm down a bit. We all went together to the hospital to await the new arrival. The entire car ride caused me to get overwhelmed with emotions, and go completely numb at the same time. This was it, I was going to be a father.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when we got there, we checked in and were taken to the room where Kristy was staying. She was still talkative and optimistic, and her contractions were still fairly far apart. After a while we were all talking about how long the process was taking, and I remember her making a joke about how she heard having sex can speed up the process. This was a bit awkward as I was standing next to her parents.

We waited for hours in anticipation, eventually we were told we may as well go home and get some sleep, as it would likely still be a while. It was after midnight when I decided to go to my sisters house and get a few hours sleep. I was exhausted, but still filled with a lot of feelings.

My sister and Nathan had moved from his mothers house and were renting the main floor of a house, it was pretty close to the hospital. I went there and tried to sleep, this posed a bit of a challenge but I did manage to get a few hours in before returning to the hospital.

I met back up with her parents the next morning, and the waiting game began again. The entire day passed, it was now May 24, and part of me thought that would be a cool Birthday for her, but time kept going with no result. Once we passed Midnight again I realized she would be born on the 25th.

I remember Kristy getting an epidural, which is a giant needle that goes into her spine to numb her from the waist down. It was hard for me to watch, and got some sympathy pains for her. This experience was evaporating all the doubt that I had, and I forgot all about the feelings of animosity I had towards Kristy.

I watched my daughter be born at around 2:00am, and it was a feeling I will never forget. All the worry and anxiety disappeared as I held her for the first time. I felt so proud, and so happy with our new arrival. She weighted seven pounds exactly, and now I was a father.

The whole process took about forty hours in total, we were all exhausted but it was an experience that changed my life. It was so different for me to see my daughter as a little person instead of just a mass in someone else’s stomach. she was real, and she was mine. Even though I was still only sixteen years old, I knew I wanted to do everything I could.

Kristy remained in the hospital for a couple days, and we had visits from our family who wanted to see our daughter. We had already agreed on the name Chloe for a girl, and we filled out the birth certificate. Once the doctors felt we were ready, they released Kristy and Chloe and we were now starting the rest of our lives as parents.