Natural Born Killers

Woody Harrelson from “Natural Born Killers”

Even though my time living with Rhett had a lot of challenges, I still felt somehow like I was special. I looked up to him so much that I felt it somehow raised my social status by being his roommate. I also developed a new sense of independence being away from home, and fending for myself.

Rhett had several different girls over while I lived there, one of which he was in a relationship with. Hearing them talk she made reference to going on a killing spree with Rhett that would mirror the movie “Natural Born Killers.” This was not something that they were joking about, and I could tell the conversation had taken place in a serious manner.

A few weeks before I found myself living with Rhett, there was an incident involving Dave. Dave was looking to buy acid, and Rhett told him he could get it. Dave gathered money from a few others sources who had the same interests, and they raised $600.00 to purchase three sheets.

Rhett would inform Dave a few days later that when he went to buy the acid he had been robbed. He said someone put a gun to his head and took all of his money. I seemed to be the only one that believed his story, and a rage emerged from me thinking of someone making threats to my friend.

I began talking to Rhett about getting revenge. Rhett had previously told me he knew where to buy guns and I was telling him to get one so we could retaliate. Rhett of course indicated that the guy who ripped him off was long gone, and we had no way to find him. Looking back I do feel that Rhett saw the anger in me, and wanted to see how far he could push it.

While we were living together he would take me around the city, one place we would go was a local park that had a lot of animals. Rhett explained that he would often go there and use grass to lure rabbits over to him, and proceed to stab at them with his pocket knife. We tried this one night while I was there but thankfully we didn’t injure any animals.

Rhett and I had often talked about killing people, we both felt that we would be able to do it. I already clung to my reputation of being a bit crazy, and the amount of faith I put in Rhett would cause me to do just about anything. Rhett steered the conversation to the idea of following through with this concept that week.

We devised a plan to find a stranger in the park at night, approach them and use our pocket knives to stab out both of their eyes. Once they were dead we planned to take their money and leave the park. We even found some clothes that we could wear that would make us look like rappers to hide our identities in case anyone saw us.

We put our plan into play, dressed up like rappers and headed to the park with our knives. First a person went by on a bike, and after a short conversation among ourselves we realized we missed the chance. Next we saw a man walking, and figured that was our time. We approached him and asked him what time it was.

The man looked very uneasy, and gave off a vibe like he wanted to get away from us as quickly as possible. What happened next was nothing. I couldn’t do it, and I don’t think Rhett ever intended on doing it. I think he was pushing his limits to find out what he could get me to do, but I didn’t see it at the time.

Walking back to Rhett’s house I could tell that he wanted to ridicule me, but the reality was he couldn’t do it either, so he couldn’t say much. At this point in my life it blows my mind that I ever found myself in that situation, but at the time I felt so lost and confused that it somehow seemed like the loudest statement I could make.

The week continued without much discussion on what we had planned on doing, but there was one more thing that really stood out to me about my time with Rhett. He had a girl over to the house, and I tried to sleep as they spent time together. The difficulty was that I was on the floor in the same small room, and could hear what they were discussing.

Rhett made a comment along the lines of “I don’t care about anything on the ground..” which I believed was a reference to me. It was a pretty strong statement, and it hurt my feelings a lot, but still didn’t make me realize that Rhett was not a good friend. My sadness increased, but my faith in Rhett somehow remained in tact.