• Dusty Burwell

    Dusty Burwell

    Just keep shipping. Just keep shipping, shipping, shipping. What do we do? We ship! Software Engineer at @Stripe

  • Jeff Ringgenberg

    Jeff Ringgenberg

    striving to maintain a happy medium

  • Jared Volpe

    Jared Volpe

    product designer. daddy-o, main squeeze, gypsy jazz pompeur, off-piste skier, kook surfer, mini-golf master. i’m very curious. believer in brunch. ad astra.

  • Trek10


    Super Talented Developers & AWS Solutions Architects | DevOps Rockstars | 24/7 Cloud NOC | Born in the Cloud. http://www.trek10.com

  • Nick Caston

    Nick Caston

    Helping organizations share their story with the world & passionate about making it as easy as possible.

  • Brian Powers

    Brian Powers

    http://pactsafe.com, father of 2, pactsafe founder, love all things cuse and indy

  • block chainer

    block chainer

    random thoughts

  • Tamara Wijsman

    Tamara Wijsman

    Life Improvement & Personal Productivity; Enthusiasm in Science & Tech

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